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Marion Center Speedway - Story and Results

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 09:50 PM

Marion Center Speedway – May 25, 2013 It was a cool Saturday night at the “Thrill on the Hill,” Marion Center Speedway, as a hundred cars filled the pits for racing in five divisions on the quarter-mile clay oval between Indiana and Punxsutawney . The Lias Tire Super Latemodel feature was won by Sammy Stile of Charleroi . Stile started on the pole and dominated the front position for the entire twenty-five laps. Mike Blose of New Bethlehem moved in on Stile for the last five laps and was gaining on the leader when the checkered flag came out. Blose took second and Matt Gaston went from eighth at the start to third at the end. Denton Boyer of Punxsutawney was fourth and Clate Copeman from Greensburg was fifth. Sixth through tenth places went to Ken Schaltenbrand, Dave Blazavich, Jerry Redden, Doug Glessner and Chris Clark. Brandon Wearing was eleventh and followed across the finish line by Billy Eash, Andrew Gordon, Quintin Wyant, Herman Bertolini, Tom Shaffer, Bill Burns, Mark Sallack, Brandon Delano, Shane McMeans, Bobby Watt, Chad Helman, Dane Laraway, Jim Boyer and Joe Zulisky. Wally Fox did not start the feature. The Lias Tire Super Latemodel heat races were won by Doug Glessner Clate Copeman and Denton Boyer. The Force Inc. Steel Block Limited Latemodel feature was won by Jeff Weakland of Hastings . Weakland started on the outside pole with Cheyenne Reed from Punxsutawney in the pole position. Weakland quickly took the lead at the drop of the first green flag. Despite several cautions keeping the pack close together, Weakland was able to keep the lead and Cheyenne Reed behind him. Reed finished second and Eric Baun from Rossiter came up from tenth to finish third. Scott Stein from Cherry Tree stayed in fourth place throughout the race and Joe Petyak took fifth. Rounding out the top ten in order were Jason Fosnaught, Jeff Taylor, Sam Gindlesperger, Levi Sikora and Mike Williams. The Force Inc. Steel Block Limited Latemodel heats were won by Gale Huey and Scott Stein. Andrew Satterlee of Rochester Mills went three for three Saturday night in the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Fastrak Crate Latemodel feature keeping a perfect record intact. Satterlee started sixth in the middle of the field and moved up a position every lap until he was first in line to lead lap six. Once in the lead he seemed untouchable and maintained a dominating lead to the checkered flag. Second place finisher, Ron Smithly started on the pole and had his hands full trying to stay ahead of challenger, Mike Laughard from Twin Rocks. Laughard came up from last place at the start to try for second place but Smithly from Irwin kept ahead of Laughard leaving Laughard in third place. Fourth place went to Jeremy Shaffer of Punxsutawney and Rich Logan from Latrobe was fifth. Mike Hite took sixth and was followed by Gary Stahl driving Patrick Waugh’s car, Greg Beach, Scott Sallack and Josh Valenti. Jeremy Adamik and Chase Carnahan did not start the feature. The Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Fastrak Crate Latemodel heat races went to Andrew Satterlee and Mike Hite. Chris Schneider of Springdale won the W. G. Satterlee & Sons Street Stock feature by nearly sweeping all twenty laps. Schneider lacked only leading the first lap for the clean sweep but used that first lap to get into the lead from starting third. Rich Waltman of Coolspring had the pole position and led the first lap when Schneider made his way around Waltman after a caution took out contender Nate Smith of Glen Campbell. The restart let Schneider get the jump he needed to clear Waltman and A J Flick to move into first place which he kept to the checkers. Jeff Sweeney of Marion Center moved up from ninth at the start to take second place and Ray Hickok, Jr. went from sixth to third. Dennis Bothell was fourth and Waltman finished fifth. Brett Bingaman was next in line at the finish and followed by Jim Handyside, Corey Neal, Andy Burns and Rob Wilkins. The W. G. Satterlee & Sons Street Stock heat races were won by Jeff Sweeney, Nate Smith and Dennis Bothell. The Willow Farm Campground Strictly Stock feature gave a career first victory to Andrew Koenig of Ruffsdale. Koenig started on the outside pole position and was able to take the lead at the start with Luke Barnett beside him in pole position. Koenig kept the lead throughout the fifteen lap feature to get his career first win. Barnett from Mahaffey used the fifteen laps to try to get around Koenig, but couldn’t do it and settled for second. Third place went to Bill Finley from Jeannette and Chris Hickok of Commodore was fourth. Fifth place was taken by Nick Fulmer. Rounding out the top ten were Scott Ward, Jim Hamilton, Gary Stitt, Brandon Wetzel and David Beahr. The Willow Farm Campground Strictly Stock heats were won by Jim Hamilton and Nick Fulmer. Marion Center Speedway is proud to announce that starting June 1, 2013 the Micro-Sprints will be back! That’s right Race Fans, the Micro-Sprints will once again hum around the quarter-mile clay oval of Marion Center Speedway and if all goes well they will become the sixth division at the track. The Mod-Lites are no longer running at Marion Center Speedway, but we wish them well at other venues. The “Fastrak” folks have announced that Marion Center Speedway will be part of a triple-crown weekend of Fastrak racing on July 27. Our Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Fastrak Crate Latemodels will be joined on that date by other drivers in the sanctioned feature paying $2000 to win. Two other tracks will make up the other points of the crown on Friday and Sunday as the sanctioned Fastrak Crate Latemodels visit the area this summer. Marion Center Speedway would like to thank our returning sponsors and new sponsors for this 2013 racing season that include Butler Auto Supplies, D B Laraway and Associates, Marc Sallack Well Service/Trucking, Best Kawasaki, Force, Inc., Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Lias Tire/Cooper Tires, Today’s Hot Country Q-102 radio, W. G. Satterlee & Sons, and Willow Farm Campgrounds. Also thanks to our fans for your continued support. Next Saturday be sure to join us at the “Thrill on the Hill,” Marion Center Speedway. Also, keep checking the website, www.marioncenterspeedway.net for more information and any changes that might occur like the raceday hotline phone number to call for cancellations, delays or other race day info. The new hotline phone number for race day info only is 724-397-2108. See you next Saturday night at Marion Center Speedway “The Thrill on the Hill.” Marion Center Speedway's Top Ten for May 25, 2013: Lias Tire Super Latemodels: Name: Car #: Hometown: Name: Car #: Hometown: 1. Sammy Stile 2 S Charleroi 14. Quintin Wyant 118 Hooversville 2. Mike Blose 5 New Bethlehem 15. Herman Bertolini 7 X Creighton 3. Matt Gaston 47 Rochester Mills 16. Tom Shaffer 47 S Punxsutawney 4. Denton Boyer 56 Punxsutawney 17. Bill Burns 69 Johnstown 5. Clate Copeman 28 C Greensburg 18. Mark Sallack 17 B Punxsutawney 6. Ken Schaltenbrand 29 Sarver 19. Brandon Delano 26 Stoystown 7. Dave Blazavich 18 B Marion Center 20. Shane McMeans 15 Dayton 8. Jerry Redden 5 R Mahaffey 21. Bobby Watt 82 Latrobe 9. Doug Glessner 17 G Johnstown 22. Chad Helman 11 Indiana 10. Chris Clark 19 C Curwensville 23. Dane Laraway 1 L Harrison City 11. Brandon Wearing B 1 Callery 24. Jim Boyer 17 J Indiana 12. Billy Eash 71 Johnstown 25. Joe Zulisky 58 Latrobe 13. Andrew Gordon 18 G DuBois 26. Wally Fox* 90 Cooperstown Heats: Doug Glessner * Did Not Start Feature Clate Copeman Denton Boyer Force Inc.Steel Block Limited Latemodels: Name: Car #: Hometown: Name: Car #: Hometown: 1. Jeff Weakland 50 Hastings 6. Jason Fosnaught J 19 Tarentum 2. Cheyenne Reed 12 Punxsutawney 7. Jeff Taylor 60 Corsica 3. Eric Baun 99 X Rossiter 8. Sam Gindlesperger 12 G Johnstown 4. Scott Stein 09 Cherry Tree 9. Levi Sikora 57 S Punxsutawney 5. Joe Petyak 44 Gallitzin 10. Mike Williams 94 W Rossiter Heats: Gale Huey Scott Stein Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Fastrak Crate Latemodels: Name: Car #: Hometown: Name: Car #: Hometown: 1. Andrew Satterlee 2 Rochester Mills 6. Mike Hite 39 T Butler 2. Ron Smithly 27 S Irwin 7. Gary Stahl* 14 X New Florence 3. Mike Laughard 38 L Twin Rocks 8. Greg Beach 33 X Chicora 4. Jeremy Shaffer 16 Punxsutawney 9. Scott Sallack 1 S Punxsutawney 5. Rich Logan 33 L Latrobe 10. Josh Valenti 2 J Clymer Heats: Andrew Satterlee *car owned by Patrick Waugh Mike Hite W. G. Satterlee & Sons Street Stocks: Name: Car #: Hometown: Name: Car #: Hometown: 1. Chris Schneider 55 Springdale 6. Brett Bingaman 13 Cherry Tree 2. Jeff Sweeney 222 Marion Center 7. Jim Handyside 366 Punxsutawney 3. Ray Hickok , Jr. 48 Commodore 8. Corey Neal 1 Trade City 4. Dennis Bothell 69 Creekside 9. Andy Burns 76 Johnstown 5. Rich Waltman 8 Coolspring 10. Rob Wilkins 15 W Altoona Heats: Jeff Sweeney Nate Smith Willow Farm Campground Strictly Stocks: Name: Car #: Hometown: Name: Car #: Hometown: 1. Andrew Koenig* 33 K Ruffsdale 6. Scott Ward 92 Cherry Tree 2. Luke Barnett 88 B Mahaffey 7. Jim Hamilton 27 Coalport 3. Bill Finley 06 Jeannette 8. Gary Stitt 21 Deckers Point 4. Chris Hickok 84 Commodore 9. Brandon Wetzel 32 Deckers Point 5. Nick Fulmer 2 Marion Center 10. David Beahr 19 Windber Heats: Jim Hamilton *First Career Win Nick Fulmer


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Posted 26 May 2013 - 10:59 PM

Good to see Dave Blazavich and Billy Eash able to finish the feature albeit with beat up cars after that wreck on the front stretch. That looked pretty rough, the other 2 cars involved appeared to be pretty messed up. Glad no one was injured.

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