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Corey “Flash” Gordon recovers from mechanical woes to take $5000 World Challenge at VA Motor Speedway!!

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 04:53 AM

Corey “Flash” Gordon recovers from mechanical woes to take $5000 World Challenge at VA Motor Speedway!!
FASTRAK Companies International 
To All Media Outlets 
September 18th, 2015 **For Immediate Release**
FASTRAK PR Corporate Office, Carnesville GA;
By Wesley Outland
(Jamaica, Virginia) -  After what has been another exciting season of racing for the FASTRAK Racing Series all across the country now the “best of the best” in pro late models with the “Nation’s First and the Most Prestigious Pro Late Model Series in the Country” now converge against their biggest field of the year with “man, machine and muscle” on a crisp September night at the ½ mile Virginia Motor Speedway for the kick-off of the 2015 edition that’s entitled “The World Championship of PRO Late Model Racing” where $5000 to win in the Friday portion of the World Challenge. 
The race featured 42 drivers of the best in the universe of Pro Late Model Racing taking on the ½ mile facility in Virginia that hasn’t won a super late model race in 2015 duration until this weekend. After a sequence of practice and through an entire race format show the fans we’re treated to an awesome spectacle for the $5000 to win World Challenge. #23 Corey Gordon from Charlotte, NC started the evening in disappointment, as a matter of fact he was ready to load up and go home. Gordon would have never imagined he was even going to race after breaking a rear end and then drive shaft in just practice alone. However he never gave up and at night’s end was standing tall in Victory Lane as the winner of the preliminary portion of the 12th Annual World Championship presented by James River Equipment in the World Challenge. 
The race was very eventful and exciting, the race had it all that you would want in a race. The race would kick off with #11 David Smith and #23 Corey Gordon on the front row but at the drop of the green “Flash” would jump out to the front. The yellow would come out twice on Lap 8 when #09 Brad Rigdon would spin in turn four then a multi car incident on the restart which collected #12 Brandon Umberger, #00 Booper Bare and #99 Teddy Tate. On the restart the fans would watch great racing behind Gordon but he was clearly out in front. All the while #8 Ron Parker, #11 Smith and #25 Matt Long we’re all battling amongst themselves but in the process trying to figure out the way to catch Gordon. Problems would come out of nowhere on a lap 10 restart for Ron Parker’s Rocket chassis as he broke a transmission while in 2nd on a restart ending his quest for the $5000 and Globe trophy for the taking.  
There would be more cautions to follow but on every restart Gordon was the top man, he’d carry that momentum after winning the Travelers Rest, SC event and all the woes he sustained earlier in the evening to take his 2nd back to back win on the FASTRAK Racing Series and win the biggest race in his career taking the first ever World Challenge Globe Trophy and a $5000 payday back to the “Queen City”. #11 David Smith and #25 Matt Long had a wild and intense battle for the runner up spot at one point even almost wrecking but would settle for 2nd and 3rd. Also #16 Daniel Baggerly and #42 Cla Knight also had stellar perfomances to round out the top 5. In closing the entire race which was basically the appetizer but in a big way to the $15000 to win World Championship had everything in all you want in a race but in the end #23 Corey “Flash” Gordon rallied back from what was going to look like a horrible Friday into a fantastic celebration being the 2015 World Challenge Champion of the FASTRAK Racing Series. 
Unofficial Results World Challenge  (40 Laps): 1. 23-Corey Gordon[2] ; 2. 11-David Smith[1] ; 3. 25-Matt Long[8] ; 4. 16-Daniel Baggerly[6] ; 5. 42-Cla Knight[9] ; 6. 210-Kenny Compton Jr.[17] ; 7. 30-Tyler Bare[10] ; 8. 24S-Jimmy Schiltz[11] ; 9. 2*-Jared Powell[21] ; 10. 77-Joel Prosser[13] ; 11. 7P-Mark Parks[18] ; 12. 6-Dillon Brown[22] ; 13. 23M-Jimmy McNamara[19] ; 14. 09-Brad Rigdon[23] ; 15. 55-Jimmy Duncan[20] ; 16. 84-Kyle Lukon[15] ; 17. 28-Aaron Barley[3] ; 18. 7-Corey Almond[5] ; 19. 16A-Billy Adkins[24] ; 20. 12U-Brandon Umberger[14] ; 21. 8-Ron Parker[4] ; 22. 12M-Ryan Montgomery[16] ; 23. 00-Booper Bare[12] ; 24. 99-Teddy Tate[7]
RockAuto Heat 1 (Top 4 Transfer): 1. 11-David Smith[1] ; 2. 7-Corey Almond[3] ; 3. 42-Cla Knight[2] ; 4. 77-Joel Prosser[6] ; 5. 09-Brad Rigdon[5] ; 6. 18-TJ Salango[7] ; 7. 2-Michael Bland[8] ; 8. 85-Steve "Hot Rod" LaMance[4] ; 9. 1-Terry Cregger[9] ; 10. 44B-Brent Robinson[10]
Chevy Performance Heat 2 (Top 4 Transfer): 1. 23-Corey Gordon[2] ; 2. 16-Daniel Baggerly[1] ; 3. 30-Tyler Bare[3] ; 4. 12U-Brandon Umberger[4] ; 5. 210-Kenny Compton Jr.[10] ; 6. 23M-Jimmy McNamara[8] ; 7. 2*-Jared Powell[5] ; 8. 83A-Tom Adams[7] ; 9. 14T-Tyler Stutler[9] ; 10. 8H-Daniel Hill[6]
Hoosier Race Tires Heat 3 (Top 4 Transfer): 1. 28-Aaron Barley[3] ; 2. 99-Teddy Tate[4] ; 3. 24S-Jimmy Schiltz[8] ; 4. 84-Kyle Lukon[10] ; 5. 7P-Mark Parks[1] ; 6. 71-Davis Lipscombe[5] ; 7. 99S-Rick Solari[11] ; 8. 87-Walker Arthur[7] ; 9. 41-Joe Cox[6] ; 10. 44-Wes Branner[9] ; 11. 24N-Matthew Nance[2]
AR Bodies Heat 4 (Top 4 Transfer): 1. 8-Ron Parker[2] ; 2. 25-Matt Long[3] ; 3. 00-Booper Bare[5] ; 4. 12M-Ryan Montgomery[4] ; 5. 55-Jimmy Duncan[8] ; 6. 6-Dillon Brown[6] ; 7. 16A-Billy Adkins[9] ; 8. 39-Henry Hornsby III[7] ; 9. 28V-Carl Vaughan[11] ; 10. 21-Billy Beachler[10] ; 11. 83-Jensen Ford[1]
Sports Media Net B-Main #1 (Top 4 Transfer): 1. 210-Kenny Compton Jr.[2] ; 2. 23M-Jimmy McNamara[4] ; 3. 2*-Jared Powell[6] ; 4. 09-Brad Rigdon[1] ; 5. 83A-Tom Adams[8] ; 6. 18-TJ Salango[3] ; 7. 1-Terry Cregger[9] ; 8. 14T-Tyler Stutler[10] ; 9. 2-Michael Bland[5] ; 10. 85-Steve "Hot Rod" LaMance[7] ; 11. 44B-Brent Robinson[11] ; 12. 8H-Daniel Hill[12]
Dirt Wrap B-Main #2 (Top 4 Transfer): 1. 7P-Mark Parks[1] ; 2. 55-Jimmy Duncan[2] ; 3. 6-Dillon Brown[4] ; 4. 16A-Billy Adkins[6] ; 5. 71-Davis Lipscombe[3] ; 6. 87-Walker Arthur[7] ; 7. 39-Henry Hornsby III[8] ; 8. 99S-Rick Solari[5] ; 9. 44-Wes Branner[11] ; 10. 21-Billy Beachler[12] ; 11. 41-Joe Cox[9] ; 12. 83-Jensen Ford[14] ; 13. 28V-Carl Vaughan[10] ; 14. 24N-Matthew Nance[13] ; 15. 16-Daniel Baggerly[15] ; 16. 25-Matt Long[16] ; 17. 30-Tyler Bare[17]
Group 1 Fast Qualifier: David Smith – 19.025 seconds
Group 2 Fast Qualifier: Daniel Baggerly – 18.761 seconds
VP Race for the Pole Qualifying Group 3 Fast Qualifier: Mark Parks – 18.590 seconds (Overall Fast Qualifier)
Group 4 Fast Qualifier: Jensen Ford
We’ll conclude the 12th Annual extravaganza Saturday September 19 - $15,000 to win FASTRAK World Championship presented by James River Equipment to include practice qualifying, heats, B-Main(s) and 60 lap feature.
Competitor Gates Open 8am – Sign In and Tech 2pm – Spectators Gates Open/Drivers Meeting 5pm – Hot Laps 6pm-7pm – Qualifying to follow immediately – Heat Races 8:30pm – Last Chance Race(s) 9pm – 60 Lap A-Main $15000 to win Feature 9:45pm
Saturday Admission: Adults: 25; Senior (60+): $20; Military (active or retired): $15; Students (11 - 17): $10; Kids 10 and under free. Pit pass (regardless of age) $40. Plenty of free parking. Camping Allowed (No hook ups) must be self-contained. First come, first served. Great concessions with family friendly pricing.
For further details on the 12th Annual FASTRAK World Championships go online to www.vamotorspeedway.com or on the track’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook...vamotorspeedway. The event will be trending worldwide via social media at #WC2015 
Check out the official website for the FASTRAK Racing Series at www.fastrakracing.com and continue to follow our social media networks for the FASTRAK Racing Series. Like and Follow our Fan Page on Facebook plus follow @FASTRAK_SE and/or @FASTRAK_MOV on Twitter to get up to the minute news and details as they become available.
FASTRAK Companies International would like to thank all of its marketing partners for their great and continuing support. Those 2015 FASTRAK sponsors include: Hoosier Race Tires, VP Race Fuels, Chevrolet Performance, Arizona Sport Shirts, Sports Media Net, Thomas Clarke Performance, Dirtwrap, Velocita USA, Indocil Art, TNT Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, ARBodies and RockAuto.com to our line-up of product sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the “Nations First, Premier and Most Prestigious Pro Late Model Series in the Country” please contact Founder Stan Lester at the FASTRAK Corporate Office at (678) 935-7304 Extension #1.
-End of Release-


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