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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report and Results

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 04:03 PM

Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
For Immediate Release
Saturday, July 15th, 2017
By: Steve Caltagarone

Hartzfeld and Albert Pick Up First Wins of the Season At Hummingbird Speedway

     (Reynoldsville, PA)  Three Familiar faces returned to victory lane while two drivers picked up their first wins of the 2017 on Saturday night.  Fans were greeted by a cool mid-July evening with plenty of thrills, spills and chills on the 1/3 mile clay oval just north of Reynoldsville.  John Lee of Mahaffey, Chris Farrell of Clearfield, and Tim Steis of St Marys each claimed victory for the third time this year, while Bruce Hartzfeld of Rockton and Randy Albert of Morrisdale made their first appearance in victory lane in 2017.  Trophies for the evening were sponsored in memory of longtime friend and fan Ben Bailey and presented by the Bailey Family.

     The Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models were the first to hit the track for the evening.  Jon Lee of Mahaffey got a quick jump on the field to begin the race.  Nick  Erskine, also of Mahaffey, provided an early challenge to Lee with a few looks to the inside in the early stages of the twenty lap feature event.  There were several early battles throughout the field, and Erskine kept his sights on Lee until a caution flag would fly on lap eight.  Lee chose the outside line on each double-file restart, and his groove allowed him to put a five car-length lead on Erskine as the crossed flags came out, signaling halfway.  After starting in the thirteenth position, Doug Surra of Kersey had quietly moved up into fourth place after the halfway mark.  A late restart allowed Nick Loffredo of Avis to get a run on Erskine and take away the second spot.  Surra would also work his way by Erskine and challenged Loffredo for second.  Loffredo would manage to hold his ground and fend off a hard-charging Doug Surra,  but Jon Lee would walk away with his third win of the season, followed by Loffredo, Surra, Erskine, and Matt Howell. Heat winners were Surra, Erskine, and Todd English.

    Bruce Hartzfeld of Rockton grabbed the early lead in the Street Stock division, but Rich Howell of Clearfield would quickly utilize the inside lane to take it away in the opening laps.  Hartzfeld kept his machine well within striking distance trying to reclaim the lead with Brandon Connor looking to get in on the action from the third spot.  A couple early yellow flags worked to the advantage of last week's double-feature winner, Fuzzy Fields as he worked his way by his teammate, Brian Rhed, to move into fourth by lap five.  Connor looked high and low to get by Hartzfeld and was unsuccessful.  Fields began to challenge the top three cars and managed to pull alongside Connor and eventually make the pass for third.  Hartzfeld managed to reel Howell back in with some help from lapped traffic, but Fields had now pulled alongside him to set up a side-by-side battle for second.  Hartzfeld would manage to fend off Fields and also capture the lead from Howell.  Fields didnt let up as he also would get by Howell and a late-race caution would reset the field with two laps remaining.  On the final restart, Fields immediately made a move on the leader, and the two would battle door-to-door for the final two circuits.  It looked like Fields had the advantage coming down the back straightaway, but Hartzfeld had all of the momentum coming out of turn four and was able to hold a car-length advantage over Fields to claim his first feature win of the season.  Howell, Connor and Rhed rounded out the top five.  Hartzfeld, Howell, and Fields also won their heats.

     Bernie Whiteford of Hastings, and Jason Witherite of Luthersburg led the BWP Bat Late Models onto the track for the night's third feature event.  Derek Rodkey and Chris Farrell got the early advantage on the start with Rodkey  taking the early lead.  Farrell found an opening on the inside of Rodkey and was able to find enough traction to move into the lead by lap three.  A mishap involving several cars would lead to a lengthy caution flag and a single-file restart.  After the restart, Steve Scaife would challenge Rodkey for second, and Scott Alvetro of Reynoldsville would also join the party in a three-way battle for the second position.  Farrell pulled away from the pack, while Scaife and Rodkey also pulled away from Alvetro at the halfway mark.  Scaife and Rodkey would raced door-to-door for several laps.  Rodkey was running mostly on the outside but eventually captured second using the inner groove.  Points-leader Denny Fenton had worked his way into the top-five and had just gotten by Alvetro, but a mechanical failure would force him to the pit area, ending his night.  Jeremy Ohl would also work his way by Alvetro, and would  overcome Rodkey for second position.  Farrell would hold onto a comfortable lead as he would go onto win his third of the year, with Ohl, Rodkey, Alvetro, and Witherite rounding out the top five. Scaife, Farrell, Rodkey, and Witherite picked up the heat wins.

     Eric Lucas of Phillipsburg, and Zach Gustafson of Weedville led the Sunny106.5 Pure Stocks onto the racing surface for the fourth feature event of the evening.  As usual, the competitors of the aforementioned division broke out into a fierce battle for position right at the drop of flagman Bob Connor's green flag.  An early three-wide battle for the lead would ensue and Tim Steis of St Marys would eventually come out of the melee with the lead.  Last week's winner, Josh Fields of Brockport, started thirteenth but navigated his machine into fifth coming up the halfway point of the race.  However he would pull his car to the infield with a mechanical failure, ending his run and also retiring him for the evening.  While Steis continued to lead the way,  Dustin Challingsworth of St Marys and newcomer, Kevin Van Amburg would battle side-by-side for a number of laps.  The competitors were coming out of turn four and the two would end up making contact, forcing Van Amburg into the front strectch the wall and forcing him to retire for the evening.  Lucas and Gustafson would find themselves battling for the second spot while Steis enjoyed a comfortable lead in the closing laps.  Steis would go onto win, with Gustafson taking back second, followed by Lucas, Challinsworth, and Al Rishel rounding out the top five.  Heat race winners on the evening were Steis and Fields.

     The Aaron's of DuBois Four Cylinders were the fifth and final event of the evening. Jimmy Ogden and Eric Luzier, both of Clearfield, would make up the front row to take the green flag.  Aaron Luzier of Olanta quickly got by Ogden to join Eric Luzier and challenge him for the lead.  A couple of early cautions would keep the field bunched up, and the Luziers would continue to wage a continuous battle for first.  A three-wide battle for third would breakout with Jim Fye of Reynoldsville making his case and working his way into the top three.  After a rough start to the evening, Randy Albert of Morrisdale had managed to pick apart the field of cars and work his way into the top five at the halfway mark.  The Luziers continued to lead the way with Albert looking to find some traction on the outside of Fye.  Albert would get the run he needed to take the third spot away, and a a caution would reset the field and set up a single-file restart.  Albert looked to the outside lane once again to make a move on Eric Luzier for second with just two circuits remaining.  Aaron Luzier was leading the field around for the checkered flag but a fire under the hood of Mike Mayhew forced the race under a red flag before the checkered flag could be brought out.  While the cars were preparing to take the green for the one-lap shootout, Aaron Luzier's car was unable to restart, forcing him to the pits and gifting Albert with the lead on the final restart.  Albert held onto the lead in the final circuit, and was followed to the line by Fye, Ogden, Eric Luzier and Daniel Clark.  Eric and Aaron Luzier were the heat race winners.

     A total of 85 cars were on hand for the evening. Hummingbird Speedway features lots of thrills, spills, chills, and a family-friendly environment at central Pennsylvania's 1/3 mile action track.  Five-division racing will return to action next Saturday Night at 7:30 with gates opening at 4:30.


Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Lates:

1st) #5L Jon Lee, Mahaffey
2nd) #9N Nick Loffredo, Avis
3rd) #3xAA Doug Surra, Kersey
4th) #5x Nick Erskine, Mahaffey
5th) #8 Matt Howell, Wallaceton
6th) #1 B.J. Hudson, Clearfield
7th) #7 Neil Wilson Jr, Clearfield
8th) #28 Joe Leighey, Clearfield
9th) #7L Curtis Lias, Dayton
10th) #92 Josh Henry, Clearfield
11th) #22 Coary Folmer, Marion Center
12th) #15W Casey Wolfe, Penfield
13th) #44 Jim Challingsworth, St. Marys
14th) #7-11 Todd "Turtle" English
15th) #39 Steve Dickson, West Decatur
16th) #68 Don Henry, Falls Creek
DNS) #77k Kip Charles, Clearfield

Street Stocks

1st) #101 Bruce Hartzfeld, Rockton
2nd) #28 Fuzzy Fields, Brockway
3rd) #3 Rich Howell, Clearfield
4th) #T-3 Brandon Connor, Rockton
5th) #69R Brian Rhed, Brockport
6th) #1s Kyle Shannon, Dubois
7th) #M-21 "Couchman" Bill Huntington
8th) #2 Cregen Brady, Hyde
9th) 43b Pernell Beimel, St Marys
10th) 37A Jim "Animal" Bloom, Curwensville
11th) #21 Mark Clark, Lanse
12th) #64 Allen English, Morrisdale
13th) #42 Josh Retorick, Morrisdale
14th) #20 George Bailey, Clearfield
DNS) #22 Sammy Swauger, Reynoldsville
DNS) #43w Kristin Wileman, St Marys
DNS) #50B Ron Boardman, Wattsburg

BWP Bats Late Models:

1st) #53 Chris Farrell, Clearfield
2nd) #5J Jeremy Ohl, Jersey Shore
3rd) #14R Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills
4th) #64 Scott Alvetro, Reynoldsville
5th) #24M Jason Witherite, Luthersburg
6th) #25, Dylan Fenton, Clearfield
7th) #747 Roswell Babcock, Curwensville
8th) #21 Gary "Bear" Stitt, Marion Center
9th) #55 Denny Fenton, Clearfield
10th) #5R Jerry Redden, Mahaffey
11th) #3H Shawn Hadden, Punxsutawney
12th) #SR1 Tom Shaffer, Punxsutawney
13th) #3H Shawn Hadden, Punxsutawney
14th) #78 Brian Molnar, Falls Creek
15th) #71x Orvis Newcome III, Punxsutawney
16th) #211T Rich Wicker, Mahaffey
17th) #1B Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek
18th) #36 Paul Kot, Brockway
19th) #44 Dan Smeal, Houtzdale
20th) #33 Bernie Whiteford, Hastings
21st) #02W Josh Whetstone, Sandy Ridge
22nd) #1s Rod Phillips, Punxsutawney
DNS) #13 Jamie Barber, Grampian
DQ) #7s Steve Scaife, Phillipsburg

Sunny 106.5 Pure Stocks

1st) #45 Tim Steis, St Marys
2nd) #93 Zack Gustavson, Weedville
3rd) #8L Eric Lucas, Philipsburg
4th) #46 Dustin Challingsworth, St Marys
5th) #14R Al Rishel, Jersey Shore
6th) #17k Kylee Brown, Eldred
7th) #5B Sam Brink
8th) #8* Kevin Van Amburg, Lock Haven
9th) #78 Josh Fields, Brockport
10th) #516
11th) #81 Steven Brugmann, DuBois
12th) #27 Dennis Hathaway, Portville, NY
13th) #71s Richard Herman, Osceola Mills
DNS) Mike Anderson, Dubois

Aaron's of Dubois FWD 4-Cylinders

1st) #17 Randy Albert, Morrisdale
2nd) #4F Jim Fye, Reynoldsville
3rd) #21 Jimmy Ogden, Clearfield
4th) #6 Eric Luzier, Clearfield
5th) #7 Daniel Clark, DuBois
6th) #11L Ryan Lippert, Clearfield
7th) #5L Aaron Luzier, Olanta
8th) #92A Anthony Sones, Hyde
9th) #11 Jim Boyer, Penfield
10th) #4 Cody Stover, Lock Haven
11th) #358 Zack Frantz, Luthersburg
12th) #3 Mike "Puppy Hunter" Mayhew
13th) #13 Ryan Miller, Howard
14th) #31 Roy Orndorf, Beech Creek
15th) #420 Jess McClure, Luthersburg
DNS) #326 Dylan Frantz, Luthersburg
DNS) #52


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 09:10 PM

The #1 was 5th. The #8 was 6th. Write up needs fixed. Just saying...

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 09:14 PM

In the semi lates

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 10:34 AM

How did Shawn hadden finish 11th and 13th?

Edited by Tommy, 18 July 2017 - 10:35 AM.

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 12:23 PM

Seems like this track has good car counts

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 01:44 PM

recently the car counts have gone up.  Some tracks up North have dropped classes and those cars are making the long haul to the bird.  Also in recent weeks Marion Center has held Tractor pulls instead of racing events or have had to cancel due to technical issues.  Some of those guys have made the trip up to race at the bird on those nights.

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