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23 April 2014 - 02:04 AM

Hannigan BU Hortsman

Hull BU Sherman

Cole BU Koz

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23 November 2013 - 06:53 PM

IN-STA-GATOR that's the way it has been since I have been involved in racing . If you win you have money to cover your expenses for the week and next week . If you tear up you don't have the money to repair what you tore up unless you have DEEP pockets . And being one who doesn't have deep pockets , or use someone to build my engines for me , or have someone build my cage or do bodywork and paint for me it does hurt when I tear up . But that's part of it I guess . But then I have always been "ole school " when it came to that . If I say I am building a car I actually do the work ... Not say I'm building a car then have someone weld my cage , build my engine , do my body work and paint , then jump in and say " look what I built " .

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16 September 2013 - 02:03 PM

Roll cages you weld together are TOP price 299.99 ordered from Jegs . If someone is going to Charge you 600 to 700 to weld it they are truly ripping you off . I have access to a wire welder bought at ACE for less than 300.00. And wire while expensive will last a very long time,

jgilley I will disagree on someone ripping off people for doing a professional job, I have been a welder for 30 years and owning a fabrication company.
My hourly rate is 45.00 per hour and to put a cage in a truck the right way will take you 8 hours easy and that's just labor. I will trust my 1,600.00 dollar welders way before I weld with a three hundred dollar welder. Them welders don't weld worth a crap, no penetration at all. quick fix yes for the safety of others NO. That kit does not include 3 door bars, stub bars in between and 2 bars in passenger door with stub bars, and the extra halo bar added to help protect the drivers head. They come with with bars to add cross X as which drag racing requires for door bars. If I was going to put a cage in a truck new I would also quote 800 to 1,000 cause that also comes with boxing in all chassis ares that the cage will be mounted to.
I don't care what people say even if I was to build a race truck here at my shop I still would be looking at over 6,000 to build it, And I have part dealerships to buy parts from with no mark-up. People the days of 1,200.00 race trucks are gone, get over it. Put the word race in front of anything and it spells money. JMO

I can tell you from my own experience that my new stock car roller cost over 10 grand to build using 95 percent new parts. It's done right, with top shelf parts and safety equipment. Sure it can and has been done cheaper, you can pass on the safety stuff and weld it up yourself, but no thanks from me. Others have done it cheaper.... They got what they wanted, and I got what I wanted. That said, I don't see how it is a lot cheaper to build a new truck roller without skimping where you probably shouldn't. As Scotty B once said g if you want affordable racing, get a greyhound.... Dog food is cheap.

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13 August 2013 - 02:17 PM

Well done! I think the truck count would go up if you dropped the compacts. It doesn't seem financially worth it to most.