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#395015 Lima: Another Nice Move

Posted by davidhaleismyhero on 03 August 2014 - 06:36 AM in Limaland

Another great move by the intelligent UNOH college and Limaland officials.  Schedule a points race and one of your biggest 360 shows on the same weekend as the 360 nationals in Knoxville.  This makes complete sense.  Friday night is one of the higher paying shows and used to be one that got a great deal of cars.  But because of the brainiacs at the college's and track's wonderful scheduling  they had to compete against the biggest 360 race in the country and managed to get a whopping 18 sprint cars in the pit area.  Congrats on that.  Who wouldn't want to watch 3 action packed heats of 6 cars and an 18 car feature.  Keep up the good work.


On a related note, Waynesfield ran their big show last night and had 41 cars sign in to the pit area.  They had 4 heats of ten cars 2 B mains and a full feature.  Not to mention I'm guessing the amount of money they have to work with is probably about a tenth of what Limaland has. Also if you just take a look at the names racing there, you will see there is a fair amount of drivers that used to be regular 360 racers at lima.  Now if you look at the purse of the 360s at Lima and non wing at Waynesfield, they aren't that far off.  In fact I think Lima pays more if I'm not mistaken, at least I know that used to be the case.  So why the change to race at Waynesfield?  Just a few drivers I will mention and this is not all: Luke Hall, Mike Dunlap, Beau Stewart, Tim Hunter. 


Hey maybe next year Waynesfield can take notes from the well educated businessmen over at the fine institution on Cable road and schedule the Jack Hewitt classic on the same night as the four crown nationals. 


But lets not worry, after all Lima and UNOH are going to get what they strive for every year, a Hammons car will probably win the points.  This year will turn out to be a success after all.

#394794 Limaland Is A Joke

Posted by davidhaleismyhero on 29 July 2014 - 06:46 PM in Limaland

UNOH and their band of idiots are ruining Limaland.  It doesn't take a genus to see that, just look at the car counts.  Most weekends they only get 19 cars. The facility is great and they have a ton of money but why can't they get cars.  Other tracks are not having this problem.  Also could they kiss Rom Hammons behind anymore.  Why not just give him the championship and not race.  What a joke.  It is bad enough they have cheat at the pill draw every week at Lima but then since they still can't beat Hannigan, they just start messing him around.  DQing him after Eldora to take him out of the Eldora lead was bad enough.  But then they had to do it again at Lima after he ran the heat.  Maybe I will need more clarification on what happened at Lima but seems like a typical Limaland hose job.  Play favorites and see what you get, no one shows up.  Hannigan is a class act and represents the series and area very well with other series and tracks.  I'm glad he shoved it in their face up in crystal running under the SOD name.  They did the same thing screwing over Bowersock a few years back in the king of the quarter mile for a guy with a UNOH suit.  Some things never change.  Any one else have an opinion or agree.  Maybe I am way out in left field but just think it stinks that we have this great track this close but to watch good, fair racing we have to travel to gas city or Attica.