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25 stock car/ Rocket late modle

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#1 pr-z28


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Posted 19 May 2014 - 12:33 PM

When are the tracks going to step up and stop the the bull crap in the stock car class. There is no way these cars should be able to pull the middle and bottom of the track the way they do. Grow a set of nuts and pull the rains back on these out of control cars. Barney could not be beaten last year and can't even sniff a top 3 this year. Bowers car just flat out needs kicked out until he changes the car.

 I talked with a team after the races and he had a very good point REMOVE the pull bars, no stock OEM car ever came out with them on. they still can keep the bird cages but when the rear end wraps around its self there done. The tracks need to grow a par and step up to the plate>


#2 Emily Gade

Emily Gade

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 09:54 AM

Old galaxies had a stock pull bar. I raced one in 2009 and 2010

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#3 takeittothelimit


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Posted 06 June 2014 - 09:04 AM

I am not sure why Eldora has allowed the Lima rules to take over at their track. I guess they seen the car count go down so thought they would open the rules.


Use to be that Eldora kissed no ones fanny. Here are the rules and if you don't like them, go on down the road and race somewhere else. Times they have changed. Its all about the mighty dollar since Eldora is a full blown business now.


I guess I understand that. Buttttt, if they want to allow a mod/lm set ups in the STOCK car class, then create a new class for the guys that want to run a STOCK car. When a car can carry the left front around the track and the left rear wheel is tucked up to the drivers seat, how is that a stock car???


There needs to be a class for new drivers to start out in. If not then how will new drivers get the experience and seat time they need? New drivers coming into Eldora this year has not a chance to compete with what is out there running now as a stock car. There were a few new true stock cars there at the beginning of the year but where are they now? These guys just starting out do not have the money/sponsors to pay for the equipment that is on the track beating the pants off guys like Barney.    Track Champion how many years??  What should that tell ya?        


CRAZY amounts of money invested in motors and chassis for stock cars!


These new guys will not stay a regular at Eldora, they will be seeking out tracks where they can compete and have a chance to get some seat time with out getting the crap beat out of their car because some big hot dog can not control the power he has and spins out in front of them.

Maybe the true stock cars should just set out the rest of the year and let the Lima rule guys battle it out.


Come on Eldora, your killing the little guys who wants nothing more than to compete on your track and just maybe have a chance to finish in the top 8 on any given night.

It will never happen now, with the rules that are acceptable for the stock car class.


If Eldora wants these jacked out of shape "Stock" cars to run then put them in a class of their own. "Super Stocks" 



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