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PPMS Results: 9-18-21

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Posted 22 September 2021 - 01:41 PM

Thanks Flash- no worries about the feedback. If people dont care they dont b!tch. I get it. I dont want to see it fall either. Im there every week so hearing your view helps take away some of the blinders I have on. Appreciate it.


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Posted 22 September 2021 - 03:25 PM

Vince, I have never had a problem with the racing there, and you're right, lots of bad board were replaced in the bleachers after last season.  One of my bigggest gripes is the road leading up to the grandstands, i drive a car, not a pickup or SUV, and it's like torture getting into the place.  Even if they don't want to have the road asphalted, at least some some of repair could be done.  The car counts are not all that important to me either, but I am curious why so many RUSH Late Model racers who live near the track drive all the way to Latrobe on a Saturday night.  
The physical plant is badly in need of repair and lots of TLC.  A little paint on the fences would be nice, hell, since I'm retired, I'd even volunteer to come and help.  I enjoyed every race I went to this year, but would like to see more diversity in their program.  What happened to the ASCoC shows, or the BRP Modified Tour, or an occasional Super Late Model show?  
When I talk about the restrooms, there are many tracks that could use improvement, but PPMS once had some of the best facilities.  The urinals are fine, but the toilets are absolutely filthy and many of them have been out of order for quite a while.  I see they have plenty of new toilets in boxes in the men's room, but if they install them and don't clean them nothing will really change. The facilities should be cleaned on a weekly basis, and by the looks of things, they are NEVER cleaned.  These are not things that cost a ton of money, buy it's time that the owners show that they want my business, by making their venue a little more fan-friendly.  As I get older, these things are more important.
While their admission prices are higher than most everybody else, that has never been a problem for me although I can see where it would be for a family.  I want the place to do well and thrive like it once did, but that will take a little more effort from the owners that they seem unwilling to put in.  Vince, I love the place, and am sorry that I have been ranting a bit for the last couple of weeks, but I'm really disappointed.  

Preach on brother. I was invited to a picnic over the summer there for a few of the race teams. Some guy was literally cutting grass and another was weed wacking at 1:00 in the afternoon on race day. Shouldn't this stuff be done during the week. Another time this year some guy was in the backhoe trying to fill in the crater's going up to pit road. I have no clue how some of these haulers even get up that road without tearing the undercartridge to smithereens.

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