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#406416 Jake Gomola, Todd Weldon & Daryl Charlier at Pittsburgh

Posted by BUTTBEAK on 11 May 2015 - 09:15 AM

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#421359 What Dow Carnahan meant to me as a fan

Posted by CLEETUS INC on 30 April 2016 - 08:22 PM

Sharing this from my facebook.



We all have memories from our childhood. Whether it was family vacations, going to school, or eagerly awaiting a visit from Kris Kringle every December 25th. For me, most of my childhood memories that I look back fondly on in someway involve dirt track racing. My parents started taking me to Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway when I was very young. From then on, I have been totally in love with the sport. I am proud to say that I have encountered droves and droves of quality, outstanding people in the sport. Some of my very dear close friendships were born at the track. 

Today, as I was getting ready to go watch one of my best friends son play baseball, I checked my phone and happened to go on facebook and came across that post that informed everyone that Dow Carnahan had passed away. I could not believe it and was totally floored by the news. I just heard Dow announce the season opener at Lernerville on April 15th. I could just not process that he was taken from us. Now as I sit here, with tears in my eyes, I wanted to write something just to explain what Dow meant to me and why I feel he was and will always be the best announcer in dirt track racing in this area.
I had the extreme pleasure to listen to Dow call so many races over the years. He was like a friend to everyone who was at the speedway for the nights racing. When we heard Dow, we knew that we would be well informed and entertained for the night of racing we had gathered for. He was always meticulously prepared. I can picture it in my head right now, 6 pm on a Saturday night at the track. Dow would say in his smooth delivery, "welcome racefans to Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway". When I heard those words, I knew it was time for the action to soon follow. Dow would announce any new cars who were there for the first time, so I would know who the new players were in the pits. As a fan, I felt like Dow was sitting right next to me, giving me the information that myself as a fan would want to know. He would always been down in the pits at 5 with his pen and clipboard going around saying hello to the drivers and getting any information that he felt would be important to relay to the fans. At 7 pm sharp, Dow would ask the fans to rise and gentlemen to remove their caps for the playing of the national anthem and I would be so happy knowing it was now show time. Once the racing began, I always knew Dow would keep me informed as the night went on. He would always announce the drivers and sponsors in every race and he did it so smoothly as if he knew the drivers sponsors by heart!  Dow probably got the most exercise of anyone on race night too as he would have to go from the press box down to the track, conduct the interview with the feature winner then head back up to the pressbox. 
We were all blessed to be able to listen to Dow announce races for so many years. While I am heartbroken that I will never get to hear him announce another race, I consider myself lucky to have been able to hear the best for as long as I did. I will miss seeing him at Pittsburgh, always with a smile on his face and saying hello to him. I take comfort in knowing as I watch old races, I will still be able to hear Dow announcing in that same immaculate voice that I first heard when I was young. I always said I wanted to try my hand at announcing. If I could go back in time, I would have loved to announce just 1 race with Dow.
Dow I just want to thank you for all the enjoyment and entertainment you provided for myself and so many others over the years, I wish I could have told you in person, but I know you will be looking down on us now with the best seat in the house. You truly were a legend, god speed my friend until we meet again. 

#415810 Lernerville Sunday??

Posted by CLEETUS INC on 26 October 2015 - 09:42 PM

I usually refrain myself from even posting on racestud anymore but I had to on this thread. For you to say the cars that wrecked (69 and 75) took Russ King out is an untrue statement. Watch the video yourself, Russ was coming into 3 when the 69 hit the wall. The 75 had nowhere to do because the 3D drove him into the wreck then Russ came in full blast never even lifted. Nobody goes out there to destroy their car or other peoples equipment. I happen to be friends with the driver of the 75 and I know he is not out there to wreck or cost the leader the race. As far as calling them clowns in the back, we should appreciate anyone who uses their OWN MONEY and TIME to field a car to go out and race. Not everyone can be the next Bloomquist but I enjoy watching everyone who goes out and gives me as a fan a show to watch. Without these people you would have 10 cars to watch race instead of the 24 who were there yesterday. This message board is a small sampling of what the issue is in the world today. Everyone wants to b*tch and complain and put others down. I want to thank everyone who showed up this past weekend to give me the fan a show to watch.

#405689 Hummingbird

Posted by teomod on 25 April 2015 - 08:33 PM

We went to the test and tune today and it was my first time at Hummingbird, what a surprise !! I have often read post on racestud about how bad this was or that was.  Well I have been to my share of tracks in my life and Hummingbird was a breath of fresh air. I paid $25.00 for the car and we were all in free ! that was in the pits not the stands ! The place is a neat little dirt track that a true Dirt track lover should take a trip to and enjoy old time dirt racing on a bullring.  The track crew were over the top and make you feel at home.  The owner is a nice older gentleman who rides around on his golf cart and stops at each car and thanks you for being there, Back in the day a guy in Sarver did the same thing ! I would like to take the time to Thank them for the nice time.

#395652 Tony Stewart in trouble

Posted by The Legend on 11 August 2014 - 08:23 AM

Tony Stewart had no reason to be pissed off, the other guy jumped the cushion and wrecked , Stewart maintained his position. Regardless of Stewarts history of getting pissed off it has no effect on this situation and like I said there was no reason for him to be mad. Anyone dumb enough to run at the side of a sprint car rolling 50 mph deserves what ever happens . It's shitty that Stewarts name is being drug though the mud for
No reason at all . Tony has done more for dirt racing than damn near anyone in history .

#415446 Inaugural RUSH Pro Stock event to debut at Lernerville's Steel City Stamp...

Posted by sschassis on 20 October 2015 - 09:41 PM

I don't normaly like to respond to theise post but they seem to get read. This whole concept is just a bad idea. Crate motors take the sport out of racing to say the least.The fun and challenge of dirt racing is trying to hook up your car more than the other guy. Theise motors are "smooth" because they make little power, my little brothers harbor freight go kart motor has more excitement than a 604, and its only 100 bucks,I see the need to cut cost in racing to keep it going but this is not the answer. The motors are not the direct problem,If you could limit the suspension and or tire you can't use large H.P. This goes for all classes.The 602 and 604 was a bad idea from the get go, they just don't have enough smoke. Equalized low power causes teams to spend large dollars on exotic chassis,drivetrain,and suspension.I do not know why other alternatives were not looked at? not that I support a Manufacture takeover but why was something like GM525 not looked at ? A motor like this has way more to offer ALL Classes of dirt racing.Other  manufacturers now offer similar motors that are afordable and still keep you on your toes.But back to limit how the cars can hook up then you did limit the motor--- take note of the sportsman class, it has some of the best competition because of the limited rear suspension(double triangulated 4 link)Single line racing,running against the rev chip,and tires that will not spin does not sound like good racing for fans or drivers . This concept of everyone is equal got this country in trouble and now its getting racing in trouble........just my two cents

#406845 Lernerville's New Owner And Future.......

Posted by Racer17L on 21 May 2015 - 09:01 AM

Jon you might be on to something here actually.  There are more "cadets" then SLM at Lernerville already, and PPMS dropped SLM on a weekly basis and kept "Cadets" as well.  Given how close your SLM lap times were to those front running "Cadets" when you did run PPMS last year maybe you should consider making the move to a full time "Cadet" driver!

#395657 Tony Stewart in trouble

Posted by Lumpster1J on 11 August 2014 - 08:44 AM

This is my take on this situation. I am not a fan of Tonys other than the fact that he does alot for the sport of dirt racing, and for that I thank him. I have been around racing for the better part of my life, and there are a few things that I think people are overlooking here.


I would be willing to bet that Tony had no Idea that he even caused a wreck, because as far as I can tell, very little, if any contact was made. It was nothing more than a slide job that happens at most sprint car races about 100 times a night. Tony did impeade his line, and at this point, Kevin has the choice to back off and give up the spot, or stand in the gas and try to power back around him. He did as 9 out of 10 racers of his experience level are going to do, and that is stand in the gas . The car jumps the cushion and contacts the wall as a result, and as far as I am concered it is nobodys fault but his own that he wrecks in this situation. It was a pretty mild slide job, as slide jobs go in this sport.


The kid had no business getting as upset with Tony as he was, and as I said before, I bet Tony didn't realize that Kevin had wrecked or that he would be charging at his briskly moving sprint car (yes, they are still going probably 60 to 70 mph under caution at this point). Tony was just driving normally around the track and getting the car slowed down for the caution, and there is this guy standing in the track flipping him off.


If you know anything about sprint cars, you know that they don't change direction very well with the steering wheel. The car has two gigantic rear tires conected to a solid axle with about 10 to 14 inches of stagger (left rear smaller than the right rear to make the car turn left) depending on track conditions, and two tiny little steering tires that do very little to change the cars direction at caution speeds. Ask any sprint car driver and they will tell you that you steer these cars with the throttle, and this is much more effective at racing speed than caution speed. Even if Tony did see Kevin, he would have a very hard time avoiding him. Even hitting the brakes in these cars is not going to help because most of the time it is a three wheel brake system that is designed to set the car sideways in a turn, not to stop you quick.

If you watch the video, you only see when Tony has already got to where Kevin is standing, which is very low on the track, because he thought the 45 car was Tony and he was running toward it. You can see when he realizes that wasn't Tony, he starts to work his way back up the track as he sees Tony coming, but it is too late. You see Tonys wheels go to the right, because they hit Kevin first and jerked the wheels to the right. Back to the thing about knowing race cars, your foot is enclosed in the gas pedal on these cars in case the throttle sticks, you have a chance to pull up on the pedal and unstick it. You hear Tony get in the gas for sure, but this after the car makes contact with Kevin, abrubtly slowing the car, causing Tony to lunge forward and push the gas pedal, which on a racing engine with no flywheel is more like a light switch than an actual gas pedal. It takes vey little throttle pedal movement to cause a big rpm change in these cars.


Anyways, Tony is what alot of people say, a hotheaded punk at times, but I have a hard time believing that he would go as far as to intentionaly run down a felow competitor. This was a result of a poor decision by a young and enthusiastic competitor acting in the heat of the moment, and unfortunately, it cost him the ultimate price. Seeing this passion expressed night in and night out is what keeps race fans butts in the seats. Unfortunately, in this instance, a life was lost in the process. My prayers go out to the families of Kevin Ward Jr., and to Tony Stewart as well. This is a black eye on a storied carreer and a sport that I love, that I'm not so sure either deserves. RIP and Godspeed Kevin Ward Jr.

#436678 RUSH Pro Stocks at Pittsburgh on May 5

Posted by Racer17L on 22 March 2018 - 05:10 PM

I have nothing to do with Rush. But in the last year tracks continued to close. PPMS had 5-7 SLM. Lernerville had 9-11 most nights. Guys are dropping out of the sport every year. So now PPMS has a chance to have 20-24 Crate Lates weekly (some of which put up faster times than said 5-7 SLM on slick nights) and Lernerville has 20 ish stocks and this is a BAD thing in racing? Would you rather watch the tracks close or keep drivers in the sport? And if you think the track survives off the front gate for weekly shows you are mistaken. Tracks need cars to survive and keeping guys from retiring by giving them cost friendly options is the only way to do it. Its not 1975 anymore.

Local SLM guys still have the option to travel and support local series (Jared Miley).

Local open stock guys still have the option to travel and support the Penn Ohio Series.

Rush Mods have replaced emods or supplemented 2 barrel mods at the northern tracks.

How is any of this bad for the survival of racing?

If you dont think the sport is dying, let me say:
Challenger, Latrobe, Mercer, Hickory, Motordrome, I79, WVMS, Pennsboro, 250, and whatever is going on at the Knob.

Me personally, Im thankful I have boring Crate racing at PPMS versus remembering the good times i USED to have there.

#427896 This Board is Dead!

Posted by SprintFun on 19 January 2017 - 08:43 AM

The people you mentioned chased off the people who actually wanted to talk racing. 


Posted by DegenerationX on 14 May 2016 - 07:37 AM

*Bad spelling and piss poor grammar intended*



This is the best track ever!

I've been there every Friday since the track opened.

What time do gates open?

I hope Tony Stewart comes.

Are the rain checks I have from 1987 still good?

Did yinz cancel the races yet?

Will Danny Holtzgraver have his new shirts for sale?

Can I bring my own cooler of Natural Ice?



Racing/track prep/order of events at Learnerville was rediculous last night blah blah blah

They're running the place into the ground blah blah blah

Gary should be fired blah blah blah

Don Martin is rolling in his grave blah blah blah

I'm never going back blah blah blah


Next Friday:

This is the best track ever!

I've been there every Friday since the track opened.

What time do gates open?

Are the rain checks I have from 1987 still good?

Did yinz cancel the races yet?

Can I bring my own cooler of Natural Ice?


Read every comment as:  "I have nothing better to do than constantly seek attention from strangers on racestud by making pointless posts and complaining about things that I have no idea no clue the f*ck I'm talking about, but hopefully a bunch of people will reply so I can make more rediculous comments back in response to theirs"


Further, a "hoastage" situation is when someone is threatening your life, you physically cannot leave without risking your life.


The All Stars determined the order of events last night, not the track.  They should have run the All Star qualifying, then support hot laps, then sprint heats, then stock heats, then dash & B, then Mods heat, then Sprint A, then support A's, but they didn't.  If the worst thing you had to do was spend an extra hour at the track last night, I bet anyone in a true "hoastage" situation would gladly trade you places. 


It's called Red Bull, by two cans, go to work, and please shut, the hell, up!