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The Politics of racing

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Posted 01 February 2019 - 02:25 PM

My opinion about politics in racing is JMO!

some people agree some don't.

But if you don't participate in politics .. your not participating in America! It's the only country in the world governed by " The People" with Representation in every state of the Union.

Believing  ignorance is  a Virtue and IS rewarded by whoopy Hindenburg and Joy Blowhard  who Commend you Then Mock you behind the scenes ( Like Hillary and Obama)  at a Harvy Weinsteen Cocktail Party!

This thread is for awareness to Politics affecting racing and the future of  racing ..

So contribute with respectful discourse or just say whatever you want .. It doesnt make a difference .. its just words!




Pa sales tax

March 2018

the " Marketplace Sales Act"

Pa enacted a new tax to online retailer sales that do not have a store in Pa and therefore were not required to collect sales taxes


I received my letter from Summit Racing listing my online purchases and acknowledgment that they will also send the list of purchases to the State revenue office.

 So for you getting the same surprise letter ... that's what its all about

Yes racing costs have gone up again !

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#2 94.3-RADRACER



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Posted 01 February 2019 - 02:42 PM

trump effect.......more and better equipped racing machines last year.......keep welfare out of our cities, towns and racetracks......vote trump, keep racing healthy.........

#3 DavyLee2



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Posted 03 February 2019 - 08:22 PM

Feb 2019
100 th straight month of job growth ( Longest in History! )
Unemployment rate at 3.9% in December ( lowest since 2000 at the end of 18 straight years of Ronald Reagan Grouth )
for the FIRST Time Ever ! Jobs Exceed the number of job seekers ( people willing to work )
First time in my lifetime ... America is the Number 1 producer of Energy in the WORLD!
West Virginia has an 800 MILION Dollar Surplus from selling COAL ( the Democrat war on them has been haulted)

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