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18 August 2019 - 08:13 PM

Since the seat has come open on the 49 I think they need to give this young man the opportunity to see what he can do behind the wheel. I had plans to drive up for the outlaw slm swing but due to surgery I am grounded for awhile. He is running with the big dogs at port royal on saturdays and doing a fine job. Just watched saturdays race and he ran a strong 3rd. Keep it up A.J. Western pa and I'm sure others are watching.

Local sprint car drivers

20 July 2019 - 10:03 AM

Just watching how the local drivers are doing this year.

A.J. very consistent and doing very well towing out to port royal on saturdays.

G. Hobaugh, believe he's 8th in points w/the all stars

Liz Matus, ???, listed as the owner on the car Chad Kemmanah and Garvin is driving. I really don't get that deal ? So has team Matus boycotted all of western pa. ?

Sye Lynch, running on a lot less then what the history of the family did. Seems to have a few different rides. Doing well with what he has.

I know I missed guys but the above are all I could think of right know.


01 June 2019 - 12:56 PM

Anyone ever notice when the crate promotions have something to post, be it pre race or results and comments. Few, very few even click to look. Some think they can do a stand alone show. Funny, funny, funny.


12 May 2019 - 12:34 PM

Any results ?

Friday, March 29th williams grove

30 March 2019 - 07:55 PM

Well, young George hobaugh was at the grove last night and made an excellent showing in his heat. Started pole and ran a solid 2nd throughout. Held of Dietrich and Krietz. Pulled a good pill for his feature starting spot and unfortunately got it up over the cushion on lap 1. I give him all the credit for keeping it on 4 wheels. He caught the tail and held on to the back of the pack. Same could not be said for Kasey kane. Fast, O hell ya, ate the wall coming out of 4 and created a large pile of junk. Dale Blaney was there, fast in his heat but broke early in the feature. The 70 car that Dave drove was there with another driver, that team is seriously down on HP.

I really wanted to see the ulms late models but unfortunately after the heats had to leave and get back home for a false alarm.

After watching the heats, 25 cars on hand, I was mostly disappointed. Norris was there. As his heat progressed he couldn't keep the car down on exit and lost a couple spots. Lake in his heat went nowhere and looked terrible. The disappointment was due to only seeing 25 cars after the port only a week earlier had such a strong field. Out of the 25, a handful of crate cars were on hand. I was over by the beer hill gang, entering turn 3, the crates have no business being on the track with the SLM. Mason Zeigler darn near ate a crate car because his corner entry speed was so much faster. That and big brakes.

Fun day at the grove, wanted to be sitting at lincoln right about now, but things happen.