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21 March 2009 - 01:02 AM


I went to Lima Land web site and they put this on for Friday August 21 dirt truck/ emod's/ thunder stock v's V8 trucks. Does anyone know if the dirt track trucks are 4 cylinder ?Has anyone checked out their web-site and seen what the cost of racing is?Do you :unsure: ;) find it a tad bit outraggously high and with the economy wouldn't it take from how many people are racing? :huh:

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12 March 2009 - 05:56 PM

So since the rules changed and we have a new year, who is going to be tops in the truck class this year? Or do u think the rule changes are going to equal the field out this year?

rule change are good makes all trucks allmost equal no body come to see arun away race ?? this year i hope all trucks will be there

In Topic: Just curious about Truck 26

04 March 2009 - 03:52 AM

Hey reggiegirl what number will ur truck be? so we see how fast ur cheap truck is going to be. And will u be racing it at the 1st race?

I am currently working on a truck for myself, It is a learning thing for me and my sons. They are having a great time taking apart the truck and I enjoy spending the time with them. I do this so that I can have an experence with my kids befor they grow up and move out of my house. First race or last race you will know which truck is mine it will stand out of the pack and i will be the only driver there just to have fun. But wouldn't it be a hoot if a woman whose pit crew is kids from the age 12 to 17 that dont know much about raceing. we have had some experence with the first truck that was made for someone and now letting other guys that want to get envolved and help build it. I have a couple guys i know that give me hints they use in the pro racing circuit. and yes they have seen the rules and know how to work around them to give me a truck that got power and balance. :blink: I took several videos of alot of the races at Waynesfield and i watch them to see just how everyone races and have a game plan on how to work around everyones faults. If I can drive an 18 wheeler i can certainly drive a small race truck. :huh: :huh: I am not going to make the first few races i have not completed the truck and i am going on vacation. You could let me try your car!! lol

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03 March 2009 - 12:30 AM

kenny you never had a s10 ,i have seen several trucks with cracks by rear leaf spring mounts they flex there purdy bad but there is nothing wrong with the 26 truck it is well built and worth whatever the are asking . anybody that thinks you can build one that runs up front cheaper good luck

cheaper yep?? she got fast truck and good driver

In Topic: Just curious about Truck 26

02 March 2009 - 01:37 AM

I would have bought your truck as well since I am now building my own. I watched you run your truck last year and watched the guys who raced against you, hit you push you and try and take you out of the race because you kept winning. I think anyone who watched your races in this last year would wonder if you have any stress cracks in the frame. You took an unusual amount of beatings. Plus in this economy you will not get the price you want. You may want to exspand your advertising to across the country where people are still spending that kind of money and have no clue what your truck went through in the last year. No one who races in Waynesfield will buy your truck. To much controversy over if your truck will meet new rules. I think you are a good driver though. Do you thing your truck will meet up with the new rules? I agree with the new rules because this makes the race of driving tallent only. try advertising your truck in areas that are not having as much of a lay-off problem. I have talked to several guys that race there and alot of them cannot afford to race this year do to not having a job or just starting a lower paying job to have a job. I have read some of the race track forums and they state that their tracks are at a all time high for drivers not racing in the begining of this race year. Some drivers we know state that alot of the tracks south of us are closing due to economy. we will be lucky if waynesfeild doesn't follow suit. you may want to hold on to your truck for awhile, to get a better price at least till the economy picks up and maybe someone may get an income tax return and buy it. another note you may want to run it instead of your car for cost reasons, cheaper.