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Posted by bob williams on 22 October 2019 - 06:16 PM

Calll me for more details and  prices 330-509-1999.     Two 355 steel block engines with Dart irron eagle heads. 4340  cranks and rods 4 bo lt main caps,Bullitt flat tappet cams. Both  engines are complete One has 12 races on it the other one has not been run.   ONE 383 engine complete, BRODIX alum heads 4340 crank and rods new Bullitt roller cam  New edelbrock 2925 intake internal balanced. ONE 377 engine all parts are NEW. Dart block.Callies magnum crank, callies ultra rods, wiseco pistons, BRODIX 18 degree heads, T&D shaft rockers,BRODIX  HVH intake.    call for more info on engines.New Falcon transmission- $1250, Winters bellhousings and starters. coil spring checker,coil over eliiminators ,  pull bars,set of bilstein shocks, WEHRS suspension load stick,Edelbrock intake,MSD distributors and boxes, COMP lifetime roller rockers, water pumps,KSE tandem pump,Randy Dorton  2 bbl carb-new,Woodruff 2bbl carb,Carbon fibre 2" drive shaft 5on5 wheels mounted with hoosier tires,steering boxes,Triple disc clutch with flywheel.          Mant..MANY MORE PARTS AVAILABLE..call 330-509-1999.

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Posted by bob williams on 22 November 2017 - 03:56 PM

New ATL 28 gallon wedge fuel cell-$950      4 GRS steel  birdcages-new- $125 each  2 Bert transmissions both rebuilt= $900 each  Falcon transmission -$900        Winters bellhousing with flywheel and  HTD drive- $350.  New winters bellhousng assemblies-$435. New falcon transmission $1250  UB Machine lower a-arms for chevelle front clip $75 each  New ford style msd distributor $300  Used ford style msd dist. with wires $225 New comp cam and new Bullett cam both rollers for small block chevy-$200 each 18 aluminum wheels with hoosier 25 and amer racer 44 and 53 compounds.priced by condition.. New PRC radiator for rockett-$275,,New allstar radiator 19 x 26 $150.  OVER 50 Bilstein shocks for e-mod , pure stock and rush lm. some shocks are NEW   your choice $50 each. Call 330-509-1999.

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Posted by bob williams on 30 December 2014 - 09:32 PM

As a crate racer since 2007 i look at the pros and cons of differant series. Here is my view. American racer is posting $20000 total point money with $5000 to the winner. Rush has a total of $80,000 total point money where as one driver could win over $23000 in point money alone. Rush also has $60,000 in products to be awarded to the racers, not gift certs, but actual product including a new GM performance 604 engine. Also CARS has NO experiance in teching cars and engines. Rush has 9 years experiance teching. If you want to race on a level playing field , teching is extremely important. I have been on both sides of good teching and bad teching but i"ll always support good teching of cars, it's absolutely necessary. There is not a doubt that there is only one series that benefits the racers- THE RUSH SERIES. I don't blame American Racer for starting a series since their goal is to sell more tires in the crate market. Rush is not about selling more tires,it's about being a professional race organization run by people dedicated to run a series for the racers and by veteran racers. Many national companies are supporting the rush series with products and cash. Bilstein has just signed on for 3 years with a $13000 point fund for each year. $5000 will go to the highest finishing driver in the weekly points who is on the $135 Bilstein sealed shock. By the way the Bilstein shocks perform excellantly and you only need 6 shocks for the season. My car will be running on the RUSH series and we fully intend to win the Bilstein money. Just had to express my view.


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