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CRASH PAD - Reduce Spinal Injury Risk in Crashes

29 November 2013 - 07:56 AM

CRASH PAD - . Now is the time to learn more and start thinking about The CRASH PAD insert for your seat for next season. Add at least 1 1/2" or more to the seat calculation to add space between your butt and the rigid seat bottom to Reduce your Risk of Compression Fractures, Broken Back or Broken Neck. www.802solutions.comAttached File  CrashPad_Lumbar_2in_tm_sm.jpg   82.01KB   1 downloads
Last season these injuries happened from Champions to Rookies, Cup Cars to Micros, in hot laps, heats and features. Stuff happens, you get caught up in someone else's problem or the hole closes... whatever the cause, a wheels down landing can end your season or worse.

Put the Right Stuff in your seat with the CRASH PAD. Now is the time to think about adding a CRASH PAD to your seat for next year. Get one now or add it to your Christmas List so that you can adjust as needed to make room for the compressible space needed to Reduce the Risk of Spinal Injury. The thicker the Pad the better.

There must be Compressible Space under your butt with the Right Resistance to absorb impact and slow your downward motion in a crash. There is no short cut.... It's the Law (of physics).

The CRASH PAD has the Right Stuff that tested best by the US Military. Don't be fooled by other stuff they are calling shock absorbing foam or material. Some of what we've seen in seats is actually foam rubber and can be worse than nothing in the seat at all. See our website for cautions about using foam rubber.

We wanted to let you know that a price increase will occur on January 1, 2014 due to increases from our suppliers. Buy your CRASH PAD now and save some $$.

Find more information at www.802solutions.com. Order online or find a dealer near you. Spread the word and send this link to your racing friends.

CRASH PAD - Spinal Injury Risk Reduced

02 November 2013 - 01:58 PM

CRASH PAD - We are Drivers. Broken Backs, Broken Necks and Compression Fractures were happening where we raced and we wanted to race and not get hurt.

We are Engineers. We did the research to find a way to Reduce the Impact that
caused these injuries.

The material in the CRASH PAD is what tested best to Reduce the Risk of Spinal Injury in these impacts for the US Military. We raced with it for several years and when crashes happened, we could feel that we had The Right Stuff. So in 2013 we created a universal seat insert and made it available to all.

The CRASH PAD is fully adjustable for the width and taper of your seat. Available in full back or short lumbar.

Racing is Fun, Crashing Sucks but happens, Back Injuries are Serious. Keep your racing FUN.
Get a CRASH PAD now or put it on your Christmas List and be ready for next season.
Go to
for more information, find a dealer or buy online.
Spread the word and send this link to a racing friend.

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