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Hidden Valley

07 July 2019 - 12:59 AM

Hidden Valley should be ashamed of themselves after that horrible show this evening. Bragged about being only track running in western PA, but had hardly any lates or quality of drivers and the semi late show was pathetic. All for a time limit on the class but whats with the million pace laps and caution laps??? That's not how it works. 8 lap feature for a semi late special? Learn how to run a show. And the announcers? God have them learn what drivers names are and play music that is more appropriate for children. Be glad if you stayed home from this long evening of watching boring racing and caution/pace laps because they have no idea that no one wants to be there til 2am! Not sure how this track will ever stay in business with how they run a show and how they show favoritism to drivers.