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In Topic: Limaland Fantasy League UPDATE!!

02 August 2014 - 04:10 AM

Yes I know a owner being suspended doesnt effect points,but it was just a comment about dont bite the hand that feeds you with negative comments.I have a feeling before its over this track will end up just like Eldora some weeks of no racing with just special races being held.So its up to the track, the racers and management to try and get along.

In Topic: Limaland Fantasy League UPDATE!!

01 August 2014 - 07:33 PM

I would like to put my 2 cents in on this happeneing. I two am not a Hannagan fan by no means but yes he is a very talented man. If you were the owner of a business and one of your customers was at a broadcasted program and he was knocking your business and you as a owner saying your name you would be upset. You would proably tell this person to never set foot in your business again. He was only banned for two NRA shows,if you remember a couple of years back Ron Hammons bad mouthed a NRA official at Eldora to his face not over some thing being broadcast he was banned out of the pits for over a half season. As for what happened last week if I was racing at a track for as long as Randy has I think I would know the rules of that track.Plain and simple he left the track under the green, He should of been Dqed on the spot but Gene trying to restore some respect to Lima gave him a warning. Im hearing it was not Hammons who wanted him Dqed but heard it was some one that is not in the King of the 1/4 mile.I heard some one over ruled Gene F,s ruling and Dqed Randy for the night.We are all hearing sveral stories over what happened. He is a driver who races for a living over some who do it for a hobby,if you remember in the King last year he got a bad start and spun out so it could be restarted and was booed when he won. He has to be costing his owner money by running motors at 9000 rpm versus some who run theirs at 8200 or 8400. He has blown Two motors this year and Dennis hasnt run because he has no motor.Then why should a track do their schedule to fit some one around their schedule. He knows for years Limas banquet you are to be present to collect your winnings.I to am not to happy with some of the way things are being done at Lima but why treat one driver special treat him just like they would any one else.Some say the car counts are down wonder if by any chance look in all three divisions if you take the top 5 in points who are almost winning every week yes some would go to a track where they think they could win.Lima has 3 very tuff divisions to win in,so I would go where i could make a little money to support my racing.Yes maybe some have not been treated right in the past but some one is trying to change that image.Thats my dollars worth on it, I think we need to hear all the things that went on in this I like what Sprinter 75 said they need to get Hammons, Hannagan and gene together and find out who did what.As of now its over with but good luck to those who are still around.

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12 November 2013 - 07:40 AM

Gibbs-Gang I think Jordan will be ok moving up!!!! He has raced 1/4 midgets from the age of 9 and done quite will with 86 feature wins and track championships. The kid ran my car all last year at Lima and Eldora with not tearing up my car or anyones else!!! Knock on wood. What was your car number we have ran lima since 2000 or was it latter then this time period, I dont think late models cost much more to run then are cars now. I'M looking at a black frt end Rocket that Miller ran with complete roller minus motor 7,500 with alot of extra parts. Alot of our sponsors said they would step up better if I make the change.

The Gibbs Gang are by far no rookies in racing and know what they are talking about a lot a years in racing. As for one has ran proably over 20years.

In Topic: This posted on Pitgate about Hannagan

06 November 2013 - 07:40 PM

Isnt it amazing that some one like Ron can put on these 4 great shows at WRP and for Lima what is their excuse???? Enought said i think!!!!!!!


30 October 2013 - 07:11 PM

The only thing i can say if your racing for a living the 360 class is not the way. He sure must be getting paid some good money to drive that car. Im not knocking this team but maybe he is down on rides in WoO but hanging around the 360 class and the stunt he pulled in the King Of 1/4 mile brought out the boo birds. Wish the team the best of luck , but i would say its time to move up what is there to prove.