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28 May 2014 - 05:53 PM

Same thing happened at Knox years ago lead by Walt Tutak when Sharon's limited sprints were running there weekly and 8-10 cars were showing up. They wanted 305s to be able to run with them and had I believe 3 or 4 show up. I say show up because 2 of the 4 never ran and just would make a lap and pull off to get start money. Then the others complained about the pay out until Knox officials decided to just pay every car that showed up $100. So the Sharon cars stopped showing up because what would the point be to show up knowing you are losing $100 to tow there to race. But that's when guy griffin was the cheater not Mike Bauer

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28 May 2014 - 05:46 PM

Mike Bauer is one of few drivers in the OSW class that turn consistent laps. Check his lap times during a 20 lap race at mercer and they vary by 2-4 tenths of a seconds usually. He goes to Knox and wins heat races and they do not invert putting him on the front row of the feature it's his race to lose, and chances are that isn't going to happen on that 1 lane race track. To point to his engine being the cause of that is just making an excuse because he's beating you. He has won quite a few races in the last year and a half in his 5.3 but he also has own races at mercer in a 305. So it wouldn't matter what kind of engine he has he is going to find his way to the front.

His worst finish of the year is 5th at mercer and I think he started 3rd. Race was won by driver from the pole 2nd and 3rd were both winning 410 drivers and 4th was someone that has been racing in the 305/limited sprint division for the last 7 years with multiple wins. All 4 were 305s. It isn't about the engine as much as it is about the setup and driver of the car. But I'm sure that was the race he decided not to cheat right? He has also been lucky along with being good that he has only been handicapped for his wins at mercer 2 times, because it wouldn't have been fair to make him start 12th during a race that paid $1000 to win. Yes he has finished 1st and 2nd in those races he was handicapped and had to start 11th and 12th. But no one points out the number of rookies in the class that are more focused on improving and not trying to win right away. 5 rookies are top 12 in points and 2 others only have half a season of racing experience in the division. Only 4 drivers in the top 12 have even won a 305 race at mercer.

Why would mercer ever consider dropping the 5.3s. They do not need to go race saver they have been getting 20+ cars this year the OSW is doing fine without he racesaver. Of course when they decide to hold higher paying races those racesaver guys that have the issue with the 5.3 motors still decide to come race. Hopefully mercer will look a that and decide to not let someone that doesn't support their division weekly or isn't top 20 in points try to come in and win those races.

Win count at mercer is 3 for 5.3s and 2 for 305s. More then likely just as the last 2-3 years it will be pretty even at the end of the year also.