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In Topic: MCR Cuts Purses today!

24 September 2013 - 10:48 AM

If Jon can get Kennedy's c0ck out of his mouth long enough to answer, he would say the multi millionaires are helping grow the sport of racing by advertising a higher payout then cutting it the day of the race after everyone is there and has paid the admission. Great logic there.

It's funny you call your self " virgin " when every cadet , strictly stock and 4 clyinder driver and crew member at ppms has had their shaft balls deep in your throat .... Your dad taught you well !!!

In Topic: CHILLI

24 September 2013 - 10:13 AM

first off this is a memerial race,its suposed to be run for the cause,but some money is nice to,as far as moron,s the legend,hot dog,bacon-bits and exspress-man maybe you should look in the mirror if your so called great cornett and clements motors suck up that much fuel up to 2 gallons a lap maybe u should see where its all going and we all may not have them big nane motors up north but we got good guys with big motors and nice cars that will run with the cornett and clement motors and not have to suck down 2 gallons a lap

No toss off real engines get rebuilt every 1000 laps at a cost of 9 grand !! Or $9.00 per lap then you have vp late model plus at 600 for 54 gallons , joe Gibbs oil at $15.00 per quart plus tire wear and wearing other components plus replacing the body to race with the hillbillys

In Topic: MCR Cuts Purses today!

24 September 2013 - 09:20 AM

Well Jon don't you just look like an idiot? Can you bl0w this guy anymore for a race you werent even at?

Coming up next at PPMS- the 25th annual NDRL Hodgkiss Contruction Pittsburgher 100.

100 Laps, 25K to win. Unless it's 50 degrees out, then it's $10K to win. And if it's under 500 fans its $7500. Special bonus of $500 to the last lapped car that finishes- the Hodgkiss award.

Bitch you aren't even quality enough to be passed around a hells angels club house ... And no I won't be involved in any type of Race sponsorship or promotion

In Topic: MCR Cuts Purses today!

24 September 2013 - 09:05 AM

If i were a promoter reading this, these are the three things I would take from this thread:

  • Always pay what you offer!
  • Never run a race with a division that will not bring the fans to support it!
  • When the weather is bad, always cancel, never offer an alternative purse!


Here's what I get out of it ... If your a multi millionaire and you love racing just sponsor teams instead of pissing your money down the rat hole that is race promotion. This guy is putting HIS hard earned money on the line to try to grow our sport and you guys just want to bash the shit out of him because they ran for a reduced purse instead of canceling and making everyone drive back another weekend with potentially worse weather !!!

In Topic: MCR Cuts Purses today!

24 September 2013 - 08:08 AM

The difference is that WoO show only collected one day of ticket revenue. Reducing the price for all that attended the full show including the drivers that stayed to race. There was no price reduction at MCR. Just a purse cut.

Are you sure about that ? How much were the original tickets and how much were they reduced ? I'm starting to sense people are liberals with penis envy and don't like John Kennedy just because he's a multimillionaire ...