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#361849 Breaking news !!

Posted by TheLegend on 21 March 2013 - 06:37 AM

There is actual breaking news ... The Colorado shooter is a Muslim ....

#358278 Breaking news !!

Posted by TheLegend on 20 January 2013 - 02:55 PM

Racing is for your own enjoyment! As long as your having fun....do it! Because it isn't leading onto anything other than Bankruptcy! You will go as far as your money will take you in this sport! Ive seen them come.....and go! I would bet fifty percent of the fans at any of these local tracks wouldn't even know who Bob Wearing....Gerald Chamberlain...or Ed Lynch Sr. are?????? Only some of the Greatest drivers ever to get behind the wheel of a racecar! All with close to 1000 wins! So really what does it matter where you waste your money???? Its just for fun! And if Luke Hoffner
's ego is fueled by being the "Hoffinator" at the Bird...so be it! Neither the Hoffinator....or the Legend will get %15 off on thier groceries at Giant Eagle because they are racecar drivers! AS far as drivers going to tracks its easier for them to win at???? When didn't that happen! Or overspending in a lesser division to win! (Look at some of the Crates) I will agree with one thing....The bigger the track...the harder it is to win.....and the moore money you need to spend! Bigger is moore expensive! Buyt I will tell you this Legend! I think Mr. Dylchris could spend right along side you or outspend you! He just chooses to race locally for his own enjoyment! And I do agree with you legend.....Most Small tracks are Demo Derby's! It takes about a fender a lap! And I will also agree that most steel block guys love to smash the better funded cars! Thats why the Aluminum motor guys don't like racing steelblock! To each thier own! In the end result.....none of it really matters other than for your own enjoyment! Tell me Legend....How many people know you for your racing accomplishments????

You do realize the name " the legend " was to bust balls because my previous name was banned .. I never claimed to be a famous race car driver , just a bad ass fabricator and the baddest mother trucker to ever strap in a tool belt and squeeze the trigger of a circular saw .. And I've been know to post pretty entertaining shit on message boards ...