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In Topic: Dog Hollow Still ULMS

28 August 2021 - 07:12 AM

Someone on facebook even posted on their page "you know Max is going to the DTWC on the their post about now sanctiong the Stampede at Lernerville". They just responded they were aware.

I believe the ULMS rules state that he can miss a race or 2, as long as you complete 75 or 80% of the shows to get full point fund money.  So, I don't know where that stands, but cancelling a series race to keep the percentage up there seems to be a stretch, as you still can have other rain-outs, etc. effecting how many shows would need to be completed. I would think the tracks holding shows would not be cool with that situation, and haven't heard any rumblings on that side of things so far...

In Topic: Thunder Mtn Friday no longer ULMS

25 August 2021 - 06:42 AM


I'm not bad mouthing the ULMS. But, TMS must not be breaking even or they are losing money on these shows.  Or, maybe they feel they can draw just as many cars without having to pay the sanctioning fee. We don't know because they aren't saying.

It's definitely a business decision, but I'm just pointing out that the sanctioning fee isn't that big for regional series races vs. WoO & Lucas Oil, and those series have from 8-12 series travelers usually ( bigger names granted ) that are "guaranteed"...  ( Eriez WoO show had a total of 26 cars )  Some teams regionally will hit & miss regional shows as their schedule works out, even if they aren't chasing the points titles. Knowing how the race will be run, purse, format, etc., does get some fringe cars to come to a regional sanctioned show more often than just an open show sometimes. ( weather, actual track, other races, etc. factor in.. )  Just to use the TMS recent open race as an example, looked like they got maybe 3-4 cars "extra" that don't run there usually??  So, it's hard to say how many may have came with a sanction, but picking up 4-5 more cars certainly would seem like it could have happened... With the crowds looking pretty good at most tracks, most races, this year, I'd say tracks are doing ok either way, but are just looking/testing the options.  Business is business, and I give all the track owners/operators a bunch of credit for doing what they do so fans can watch good dirt track racing.

In Topic: Thunder Mtn Friday no longer ULMS

24 August 2021 - 06:50 AM

We went the night they had 410's and Big Blocks and other than Blair and the Scott's, (trying to remember if Chub was there), you're right. Hard to justify paying a sanctioning fee if all they are bringing is 5-8 cars.

It's a regional series paying $3,000 to win, and a decent overall purse, so how many "extra" cars is a good number?  15?   With tires, parts, COVID, fuel prices, all still issues, I don't see what folks expect? Tracks need about 5 "ULMS-related" cars with 5 people buying pit passes with each car, to cover the huge sanction fee...  Without regional series around, tracks wouldn't be having as many better purse open shows, and some tracks have issues running qualifying, tech, etc....  Competition is a good thing to keep purses somewhat better, as the costs to race SLM's is crazy...  JMO

In Topic: Marion Center Raceway Results: 8-14-21

15 August 2021 - 09:55 AM

Results as follows:





Super Late Model A-Main: #$1,400 to win/30 laps




1.     Jared Miley (10) won by 3.369 seconds

2.     Jon Lee (5L)

3.     Ken Schaltenbrand (29)

4.     Matt Lux (111)

5.     Michael Lake (27)

6.     John Weaver (W3)

7.     Levi Sikora (57S)

8.     Jayme Beck (92) DNF

9.     Alex Ferree (1C) DNF

10.   Rod Phillips (1S) DNF

11.   Shawn Schaltenbrand (26) DNF

12.   Andrew Wylie (84) DNF

13.   Levi Yetter (9) DNF

14.   Collin Burke (41) DNF

15.   Tommy Beck (91) DNS




Semi-Late A-Main: $700 to win/20 laps




1.     Nate Smith (28N) won by 3.570 seconds

2.     Larry Hollenbaugh (1H)

3.     Rick Strong (17R)

4.     Gabe Shaffer (28S)

5.     Bud Lundy (42)

6.     Scott Umbaugh (36)

7.     Austin Getch (71A)

8.     Jarid Ivory (17)

9.     Jack Sarnovsky (16)

10.   Tom Jobe (96)

11.   Scott Ickes (17)

12.   Cody Wissinger (11W) DNF

13.   Will Britsky (85) DNF

14.   Paul Ivory (4A) DNF

15.   Bernie Whiteford Jr. (33Jr) DNS

16.   Caleb Whiteford (1) DNS




Street Stock A-Main: $500 to win/15 laps




1.     Dale Yeaney (11Y) won by .850 seconds

2.     Joey Zambotti (948)

3.     Ray Hickok Jr. (4ord)

4.     Mike Bordt (26)

5.     Trevor Mc Cann (12)

6.     Jake Dietz (27)

7.     Bob Rosman (48R) DNF

8.     Dave Korlewitz 24K) DNS




Strictly Stock Special A-Main: $1K to win/20 laps




1.     Greg Blystone (6-29) won by .399 seconds

2.     Brad Benton (51)

3.     Rich Anderson (516)

4.     Bill Mumau (871)

5.     Dillon Smith (112S)

6.     Robert Lydic (87)

7.     Brady Gallaher (17)

8.     Bill Schramm (03)

9.     Harold Brown (74)

10.   Bob Torquato (5)

11.   Jeremy Fama (89)

12.   Tim Van Divner (44) DNF

13.   Chris Hickok (24) DNF

14.   Ron Majewsky (21M) DNF

15.   Nathan Yeaney (21Y) DNS




FWD 4 Cylinder A-Main: $250 to win/15 laps




1.     Cody Young (33S) won by 4.591 seconds

2.     Curtis Mohney (33M)

3.     Mike Sinclair (420M)

4.     Ben Lehane (1)

5.     Tim Baker (58B)

6.     Adam Ellis (26)

7.     Bill Eckenrode (19A)

8.     Todd Davis (119)

9.     Tondra Brown (04)

10.   Karen Lauffer (17)

11.   Andrew Margosiak (7X)

12.   Brandon Pearce (111) DNF

13.   Dylan Young (14D) DNF

14.   Michael Phillipson (69er) DNF

15.   Jamie Noel (7) DNF

16.   Jesse Laughard (8) DNF
17.   Austin Lowe (22L) DNF

18.   Charles Watroba (22) DNS

19.   Adam Bales (26B) DNS

20.   Zach Torrell (84T) DNS

Marion Center supporters were kind enough to raise money all week for most of the various division's purses. The SLM race paid $3,000 to win as a result...  Thanks to all those who donated to the various classes!

In Topic: Local Racing Schedule for 8/2-8/8

02 August 2021 - 05:22 PM


Figure what the hell, my as well post it here for anyone that is looking for a place to go.
Racing Schedule for 8/2-8/8:
Lernerville Speedway Test & Tune + Mini Stock Grand Slam
McKean County Raceway - RUSH Lates, Pro Mods, Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks & Kids
Thunder Mountain Speedway - $500-to-win Pure Stocks + Reg & Super 6
Lernerville Speedway - BRP Modified Tour + Reg
Raceway 7 Regular Show
West Virginia Motor Speedway - FAST 410 Sprints + Supers
Bradford Speedway $1K-to-win Sportsman, $1K-to-win Street Stocks + Regular Show??
The New Stateline Speedway - Fan Appreciation Night + Regular Show
Port Royal Speedway - 410, Supers, 305's
Latrobe Speedway Stock Car Dirt Track - $2K-to-win Crates + Reg
Sharon Speedway - 410, RUSH Sportsman Mods, Economods, Dwarf Cars
Michaels Mercer Raceway - BRP Modified Tour + FASTRAK Mods, 305's, Minis, Jr Sprints
Marion Center Raceway - Regular Show
West Virginia Motor Speedway - FAST 410's + Sport Mods
Tri City Raceway Park - Regular Show
Eriez Speedway - Regular Show
As always, any errors, please either PM me or just comment and I'll fix it. Few sites were down when I tried to verify the schedules so they may be wrong.


I think WVMS races are $5,000 to win sprints, $10,000 to win SLM Balzano Memorial??   ( Friday )