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#451517 PA Driver Clate Husted - Is This His HAULER TRUCK..???

Posted by RamblinRandy on 05 January 2022 - 10:47 PM

Hello dirt fans of Pennsylvania,


Am asking you to go back in time to the early 1970's and does anyone recognize the big truck pictured below...?   I bought this beauty from the Hagerstown Speedway some years ago and the Plessingers who own the speedway acquired the truck in 1976 as dated on the title.


Racer Tom Peck used the truck many times and told me that Clate Husted from Lewistown/Phillpsburg was the previous owner before the Hagerstwon Speedway got ahold of the truck.   Alan Sagi tells me Clate's car was a blue #68 car and they hauled it on this vintage truck.  Am told Paul Wagner also drove the same car if that might help track down someone from that era.



The truck is a 1966 Ford C-750 with a 391ci and a 10 speed rear end and it drives down the highway easy as pie at 70mph.  During it's time in service at the Hagerstown Speedway, NASCAR great Bobby Allison at times used the truck under the sponsorship of Mr Plessinger.  


My biggest unanswered question is who owned the truck back in 1966 when it was first built...???  No one, and I mean no one knows anything about this mystery vehicle and it's early racing history and ownership.  I'm told that Holman Moody made a dozen of these haulers and they were given out like candy to Ford's racing teams of the day.  I've searched for 15+ years and the only photos I can find are from the 1980s... no photos from the 70's and zero anything from the 1960s.   Any productive direction would be GREATLY appreciated.


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