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RUSH Pro Stocks at Pittsburgh on May 5

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#81 sle21


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Posted Today, 10:17 AM

these people do still exist, I'm one of them.  it's actually cheaper for me to build and maintain my own engine then to buy into the crate deal, however there isn't an option for this at lernerville where I prefer to race, so it is what it is. 


#82 old man d

old man d

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Posted Today, 11:34 AM

Thanks sle21 this has been my bi-ch all along. When they came and said crate motors only in Pro Stocks you had to choose their way or don"t race here. That's what I do not like, that is one of the reasons I left. They made their decision and I made mine and you are right it is what it is. Anyways Good Luck and Be Safe.

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Posted Today, 12:04 PM

What's gone because of expensive entry level speck engine racing is there's no more "all I need is to find a couple of pistons and I'll have my engine back together".  The entry cost keeps many racers away from speck racing and if speck racing replaces their opportunity to race, those cars are gone.  

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Posted Today, 03:40 PM

I have nothing to do with Rush. But in the last year tracks continued to close. PPMS had 5-7 SLM. Lernerville had 9-11 most nights. Guys are dropping out of the sport every year. So now PPMS has a chance to have 20-24 Crate Lates weekly (some of which put up faster times than said 5-7 SLM on slick nights) and Lernerville has 20 ish stocks and this is a BAD thing in racing? Would you rather watch the tracks close or keep drivers in the sport? And if you think the track survives off the front gate for weekly shows you are mistaken. Tracks need cars to survive and keeping guys from retiring by giving them cost friendly options is the only way to do it. Its not 1975 anymore.

Local SLM guys still have the option to travel and support local series (Jared Miley).

Local open stock guys still have the option to travel and support the Penn Ohio Series.

Rush Mods have replaced emods or supplemented 2 barrel mods at the northern tracks.

How is any of this bad for the survival of racing?

If you dont think the sport is dying, let me say:
Challenger, Latrobe, Mercer, Hickory, Motordrome, I79, WVMS, Pennsboro, 250, and whatever is going on at the Knob.

Me personally, Im thankful I have boring Crate racing at PPMS versus remembering the good times i USED to have there.

Come on Racer17L...
The two idiots that should still be in jail killed Challenger.
Asphalt and mismanagement killed Motordrome.
Pennsboro was nothing but a reason to party because you seen better racing at the local RR switch yard.
WVMS was too damn big and access sucked for big haulers.
I-79 was shut down because of the car auction.
Mercer poor management and too worried about fighting with Sharon.
Roaring Knob is well on it's way too because of poor management.

#85 Racer17L



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Posted Today, 04:18 PM

These tracks are gone, so are the fans and cars that supported them. No new tracks are opening to replace them. I’m well aware of the history of them and supported them all over the years. Tracks close, cars get sold and people move on. This is why it’s important to support what is left and give guys options to stay in the sport.

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Posted Today, 04:22 PM

I also wanted to respond to a few posts above. I 100% agree it was BS that Lernerville came in and FORCED guys to go Crate. I didn’t support that. However creating a class that uses Crate motors (rush mods, rush sprints) from infancy is fine with me if it allows guys to keep racing. There’s a big difference.

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