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#450955 ULMS Tonight at Dog Hollow Speedway: 9-17-21

Posted by 3 link on 18 September 2021 - 08:04 AM

91 ... chad homan was 19th ......just cause I follow his racing I noticed it ....

#449027 Marion Center

Posted by 3 link on 01 March 2021 - 09:30 AM

They have been running the open motor steel block lates for quite awhile before they closed.
They would be best if they went with the current 358 rules Thunder Mountain and Hummingbird are using as that seems to be a quickly growing division.

I could only hope that this class would be realized as a viable class option to the crate late .....if tracks could all agree to the same rules/run this as a support class..... it would kill the crate thing ....save car owners money and provide better racing entertainment to the spectators .....watching this class at thunder mountain/hummingbird/hidden valley shows good support with car count simple rules and gives the racer a choice as to tires/fuel/eneing building options .........I'm not a big fan of all the contingency awards .... I say race for good payout and forget the parts awards deal ....which ain't all that good a deal........Just my opinion 

#449026 Pro Stocks verses Crate Lates?

Posted by 3 link on 01 March 2021 - 09:13 AM

If your talking Penn/Ohio pro stocks ......I recall back in 2014/2015 ... can't remember exactly pen

n/ohio cars were at the McKean fall classic and a guy named Fuzzy (can't remember the last name) set a time equal to the fastest late model that day ........ much heavier car .... but rumor was a "real healthy" motor !!!  I do know it was fast that day and when he won the first question in the interview was "is your engine legal ? ......the answer was a "Oh ya" with a large smile !!!!!!!

#449007 2-part story on the growth of RUSH in 2021; Part 1 featuring new Sprint &...

Posted by 3 link on 27 February 2021 - 07:44 AM

Yea because if you start racers in a class they can afford by building the motor, Trans and 9" rear. Hang a body. Then maybe after time they can move up to another division. Personally, I think promotors need to start pushing 358 racing. Again, #1 for the reasons I just mentioned #2 it has to start somewhere by someone. Crate racing is all about who has the most money. New xr-1, lite weight rears, numerous motors on a dyno to see which one has that slight advantage. These aero bodies have no place in crate racing. Cut the ears off the noses, eliminate any shock out there that comes in pcs and you have to assemble to meet that particular track. No more dished interior sheet metal, flat from the air cleaner back to a spoiler height of ?? Inches. Blah, a waste of time. Promotors are there worst self made enemies.

I've been building  crate lates for 8 years now and I'm not sure your evaluation is totally correct : lets see the things that really cost unnecessary money and things that don't ..... 

a 9 inch vs. a quick change ....I've had both and a quick change is the better value,gears are 65 a set verses 450/500 .....lower HP motors are as easy on a QC as a 9in. and changing gears at the track makes alot of sense for me as there's usually me and one other guy .....having double adjustable shocks isn't a bad deal considering a fixed rate shock will make for 9 or 10 shocks purchased for track conditions and having the correct shocks for track conditions makes for better handling cars for everyone and that means less carnage and repair costs  for everyone .....I guess I'm old school cause I have a brake and make all my own bodies and deck so I like being creative in getting the only thing that's free in racing and that's AIR .... and air makes traction .....

here's what I think is to costly .......crate motors   ....gotta pay some shop to freshin them when I can do a motor refresh myself ...the motors are junk in my opinion vs. a 350  type engine rule similar to thunder mountain/hummingbird/hidden valley (with a couple of adjustments) and the biggest advantage is being able to repair them in the shop without the foolish seal thing (which makes "official" rebuilders a ton of money)

"official fuel" is kinda plain to see where the money goes there ( I ran a 355 flat top motor on ultra pump gas with octane booster years ago with as good results as race fuel at half the cost then )

"official tires " same .....

A good 358/361 semi-late class is everything as good/affordable as crate racing and keeps money in my pocket on a weekly basis with maintenance costs down cause I can adjust valves with "good" springs .....ya see guys changing crate springs as soon as every 3 races .....had a friend who needed to change a bent push rod on his crate and cost a bunch of unnecessary money to go to the "official rebuilder" for a push rod !!

this of course is just my opinion ..... but crate motors are big business for promoters/suppliers/engine shops .....they love em ......it's the money trail thing .....

The biggest shame today is alot of these young guys are losing the art of the build in racing .....it's all a pay and play thing with them ......I got interested many years ago cause of the individual talent I saw in every car that was shop built from chassis to engine ........I started there and tried to gain all the knowledge I could .....now it's getting to be lost as everything changes .... maybe the interest will make a come back ....always hopeful

#448099 Something to think about

Posted by 3 link on 19 September 2020 - 09:35 AM

here's an old adage I've heard since I got involved with 4 bar cars :  Side bite promotes body roll.......body roll does not promote side bite .....

#448074 Something to think about

Posted by 3 link on 16 September 2020 - 01:46 PM

When ours is on the lift,  the left side is hanging on the droop chain around 13" to 14". The right side lays on the underslung.

mine hangs the same......I'm thinking they made something to hook on the rear and frame (cause the author of this post said there was no jack under the rear) to hold it up to make tire change easier.....my left rear moves the tire ahead so much when it hangs that my crew struggles to get the tire in under the door panel and on the hub......if the car gets up in attitude on the track what other reason would they want the left rear to not droop on the lift ? ....zero indexing cage will still droop till the chain comes tight .....My right side has no underslung ....it has a chain to never let it come above chassis height


I'm pretending to be DS2 now .......so someone tell me what I'm missing here ? !!!!!!

#445839 Bored again got another Late model question

Posted by 3 link on 07 November 2019 - 06:13 PM

Let me ask you this question.......when the left rear is up on the bars and the right front is over on the bump as far as it can be (which is always).....what is your thoughts on camber ? ......would you say it is what it is and start thinking about what happens over all next ? when the car is in attitude like I just described where does the weight go on corner entry ?...remember my user name......I'm not to enlightened with 4 links

#440852 Steel Valley Pro Stock Nationals Returns in 2019 to Sharon Speedway - Stocks...

Posted by 3 link on 23 November 2018 - 02:35 PM

where does one find the economod rules package ? .....thanks

#440770 AFCO introduces new Crate Spec Shock Series for Crate Late Models

Posted by 3 link on 16 November 2018 - 06:37 PM

the afco shock is rebuild-able....the bilstein is a throw away....that's why teams haven't warmed up to them in the rush latemodels.....last I looked they were 135.00... bend a shaft n toss em ....

#435817 Coming up...

Posted by 3 link on 28 December 2017 - 08:53 PM

Putting together a GRT for crate racing .......not new by any means but stripped to the bare chassis and totally rebuilt .....been my 2 winter project !!!.......there's body fab errors I'd do different next time ......but it's been 18 yrs since I did one...... it'll work

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#431825 Semi-Lates

Posted by 3 link on 13 July 2017 - 07:23 AM

What makes people think that a 604 has more power than a 358? A 604 has 10 to one compression, a hydraulic roller cam, stock Chevy aluminum heads and 350 cubic inches.

AND the worst valve train in "racing" engines.......................rushes max spring pressure allowed is 98lbs +/- 5....travis will let ya slide with 105lbs....my ball point pen has more spring pressure than that......

#427458 bell br1 helmet

Posted by 3 link on 09 December 2016 - 08:59 AM


#411308 PPMS hosts The Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks, "Duel in the Desert!"

Posted by 3 link on 11 August 2015 - 06:12 PM

I've never seen the place but lets review what I've read all summer on here:


piss poor road leading to grandstand parking

add boards missing

no paint

grand stand seating in disrepair/closed to the fans

lights half out

weeds everywhere

absolutely no clay/dust cloud to the level of a serious safety issue

watered up slop hole on the inside groove

drivers out of control 

50 cars or less in the pits


AND last but not least...........owners that don't give a care!!!!!


Can I buy this track?..............quarter mil in repairs and a top notch PR guy and it could be the premier sat. night track in western PA