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#447251 RUSH LM Tour $10,000 to-win Bill Emig Memorial to join WoO Firecracker a...

Posted by Chrome Horn on 20 June 2020 - 05:47 PM

I'm there to watch the slm. Not crates, to many laps and if the sun is beating down on turn 2 the track is just going to go to crap. So, I'll take the pro stocks, the parking lot can clear out makes it easier to get out.



You are a complete moron, take off those hate blinders. You said last year this same bullchit and guess what? Both features were great races. Get a clue!

#446966 Roaring Knob no insurance or ambulance and firetruck ??

Posted by Chrome Horn on 17 May 2020 - 08:31 PM

Just saw a video tonight where it was mentioned that Roaring Knob does not have an ambulance or fire truck on hand when they race? If that is true I can't understand why any driver who cared about themselves would race at a facility that does not have these things. Also rumor is Rick Jones does not have insurance and when asked to provide proof he could not do it. So all these people saying how great he is for standing up to the system and racing now hope nothing happens to them or the drivers.

#446958 Out of the box thinking to open up racing in NW pa this weekend

Posted by Chrome Horn on 14 May 2020 - 10:52 PM

Your doing NOTHING but talking politics all day every day ! racing is shut down for Politics ! and the first person with Balls is a lady from Texas who opened her hair salon . The second is Elon Musk who opened his company and said f you to California!
Maybe the 3rd is the promoter from roaring knob .. don’t know him or had experience with him .
Your talking about fines or not for acting free ! Thats politics!
There ISNT enough politics on Fakebook! Fakebook edits the content and slants it Left!
America was scheduled to end when Hillary won ... and making Racecar’s from passenger cars was too !.. and the only place many of you Jane Fonda generation have heard about it is here ! And you probably still didn’t ! Even though your IN the media
So keep yelling at me with Chief Sunoco but I May have as many posts her as you and I have never been given a bad mark on this forum for it !

I truly appreciate and commend your contributions to local racing and put that first ! Second .. the don’t talk politics and religion doctrine have really screwed up our country and the very reason for racing ... very much !
Racing is the quest for glory of success all all cost ! It’s completely shut down to take no risks! The complete opposite of the very foundation of America... AND RACING!


I think you have said all this crap 10 times now. Please do the world a favor and disappear already.

#446776 RUSH LM Battle of the Bay cancelled due to COVID-19; Events possibly rescheduled

Posted by Chrome Horn on 10 April 2020 - 10:25 PM


Yeah, like you never negatively comment on subjects within this forum that needn't concern you, right? I must have poor reading comprehension.


The rest of this drivel is white noise. All the pandering you've done on behalf of crate racing, and most fans pay more attention (and money) to the Penn Ohio series. Tough break.


You mean the Penn Ohio that pays like 200 bucks for 5th place? The Penn Ohio that is pretty much wide open rules? The Penn Ohio where a guy like Andrew Gordon is spending 20 or 30 thousand to go race for 1000 bucks? Yes Penn Ohio is really the best thing since sliced bread. You have made it blatantly obvious you do not like crate racing, ok we get it great! But to bitch about crate racing and then turn around and side the Penn Ohio is what most fans pay attention to just shows you are clearly old and as delusional as Davy Lee.

#444302 Latrobe Speedway

Posted by Chrome Horn on 04 August 2019 - 02:14 PM

Howie is a joke of an announcer, all he can do is scream into the mic. apparently someone who lives close to the track was bitching on their fb page saying she could hear his big mouth in her living room.

#443668 Preview on the $10K to-win Bill Emig Memorial for RUSH LM Tour at Lerner...

Posted by Chrome Horn on 21 June 2019 - 02:32 PM

How many Crate Lates is too many?

First answer is 91.



44 Super Lates isn't enough.


Watched 93 emods this year and it was great racing with a lot of variety in the cars on the track.  Made for very fun to watch racing.



How many Crate Lates are too many?  I'm paying my money to watch.



I think the answer will be in the length of the food and  beer lines and when they are longest.  :)


That will give you an unbiased answer.



 still beating this horse get over it moron

#441784 Must be the new rush racestud

Posted by Chrome Horn on 22 February 2019 - 11:30 PM

Ah, so you say something about Vicki, and the post gets deleted. Meanwhile you get all the other useless bull$hit on here, it's fine. Guess racestud is the new liberal pile of trash like Facebook huh? What a joke.

 Hate to break it to you but this board has been irrelevant for years. 95 % of the stuff posted on here is useless. If people who posted here knew half of what they thought they knew then maybe it would be decent again but racestud has been a joke for years.

#441783 ppms

Posted by Chrome Horn on 22 February 2019 - 11:28 PM


Might be because promoters know that fans flock to big races like sprints and late models. That's like saying how come a high varsity football game gets 1000 fans and yet the jv games get 100 fans. Fans arent interested in the lower divisions most of the time.


Yep, that's exactly the problem. Morons like yourself think that the only racing that matters is Sprints or Late Models. The Ed Laboon race will be better then 80% of the late model races you can see at lernerville. You clowns on here get off watching 12 late models where only 3 can legit win hold it wide open on the cushion and think that is the greatest thing you ever saw.

#441448 Latrobe Speedway joins the FASTRAK Racing Series Family for 2019

Posted by Chrome Horn on 25 January 2019 - 08:06 PM

Rush and Fastrack both have high entry fee's at there higher dollar races. Both organizations pay out a hefty sum in contingency dollars. They both boast mightily, as they should, on what they have to offer.

My beef has always been, and always will be, the teams with the biggest budget will come out in front the majority of the time. I see guys pulling in with stackers, new xr-1's and longhorns. They buy 3 motors and the first place they go is on a dyno to see which one has a little more so it can go get blueprinted. The shocks, which fastrack is trying to get under control, and on and on. Then you get a team owner that brings in JD to watch him destroy the competition.

To me, the promotors around the country are responsible for classes getting out of control. They screwed shit up so bad classes around the country will never be what they where. Spend 100k and you to can have the best shit out there. I hope Shawn from penn Ohio let's his series grow only to be ever watchful on the one series that wants total domination of ALL.



I thought you had had a hard on for RUSH, now you are saying Fastrak is the same! As for your comment about stackers new cars etc, better tell Davey Pee Pee that the same sh*t happens in his precious Penn Ohio series. Andrew Gordon rolls in with a stacker, unlimited technology and to win what $1000 or $2000 races. If a guy has that much disposable income, maybe he should be running in a higher division.

#441439 Latrobe Speedway joins the FASTRAK Racing Series Family for 2019

Posted by Chrome Horn on 25 January 2019 - 02:25 AM

Oh and
The proof and exclamation point to it is that it took a STOCK CAR race that pays 5 times more than any Rush Crate race ever payed to finally stArt Puting some money Back to the racer
Im sure they saw the writing on the wall of people like Allen Dellinger going back to a Stock car to win Real money With a car that cost less race ready
Than the Chasis in their Rush Car


As usual your rants are not based on facts. Rush has had a $6,000 and $5,000 to win show. That stock car race at Sharon paid what $10,000? So you saying it was 5 times more then any Rush race just shows how ignorant you are to the facts. 

#441269 $10,000 to-win Bill Emig Mem. for RUSH LM Tour to join w/ WoO LM at Lern...

Posted by Chrome Horn on 11 January 2019 - 09:11 PM

This is a great idea, run the Uncle Sam and the crate feature before the Firecracker and make sure that the track is as terrible as possible for the show that everyone came to see. Is Carl Short running this show now?


crates will be a better race then the firecracker take it to the bank

#440133 Miley, Ferree, Blair.

Posted by Chrome Horn on 01 October 2018 - 09:53 PM

Can you ever make a post that isn't full of politcal bs? This is a racing board, not politics.




The Cochran/ Geisler program has seen better days?  .... Ya about 30 years of days !! the Patriarch and Family  have two sons/ nephews etc  and grandchildren in Charlotte and one of them is a Nascar Champion and chief of racing operations ( something like that )  for Penske Racing .

Peghers are generations of racers and Mike is a hell of a driver . I don't know anything about their " Motor problems" but if he felt like it Geisler could put a motor together that Norris could only dream about ... but we will see if he feels like it down the road..

 But Super late models are a staple of Lernerville and Pittsburgh for that matter and WILL be back ! They were taken away to foreign shores in the tide like Americas money on boats Captained by the Clintons / the Bushes and a Big Eared Communist from Africa over a 20 year period ! it wont change over night .. but its already happening .. The Claimer Latemodels are a patch and would have been the norm ( Socialist racing ) but the Sodomites are on the cliff holding on by their fingernails and all hope on a drugged up Professor from California this week! .

 Sarver had 18 Claimer stocks at the beginning of the year and have not gained more and lost a couple while Super Lates went the other direction or stayed at their dismall car count that has been the trend of America in a death spiral for the last decade !

MONEY will bring the Latemodels back ... and MONEY is what America is getting back in  Boatloads !  .

Hobby stocks at Pittsburgh were like 4 or 5 for the last 5 / 6 years .. now their is 14 !

the Guns the Zarins the Weldons the Schneiders etc are the wave of the future .. not john flinner and Steve baker coming back ..A vote for the Trump Agenda will do more for Racing than anything else a simple person can do .

 And the Blair Haters are as funny as the  trump Haters .. they call Blair fans stupid while Blair keeps winning and Winning and WINNING!



#439438 Jook George thoughts

Posted by Chrome Horn on 14 August 2018 - 04:44 PM

You can bet if it was Jared, things would have been done differently. How about Jared’s comment he had nowhere to go before getting into Daryl, I guess that pink panther car doesn’t have brakes in it like his late model. Looked pretty obvious to me that he planned on using Daryl’s car to slow his momentum going into turn 3. I think I saw that same move a few years back in the Pittsburgher when he intentionally took out Keith Barbara.


Looked like a racing deal to me, Miley was already as low as he could go on the track, with the way the cars are these days Charlier probably didn't even know Jared was under him. People don't like Jared because of his last name, he is not the kind of driver to deliberately take someone out on purpose.

#436522 RUSH Pro Stocks at Pittsburgh on May 5

Posted by Chrome Horn on 11 March 2018 - 12:34 PM

The only problem I see with an exclusive crate stock race at PPMS on their opening night seems per reading on this thread to have been created by RUSH.  I'll add I read through their crate stock rules and I found no basis in their rules which would not allow the same car in both races.  


The problem I see is it screws to the ground some chances for the rest of the year of Matt getting stock crates to run weekly for points in his open stock class, if they enter the one time RUSH race.  It nets out to if you don't run in Matt's first points race you know your likely screwed out a chance for a points title at PPMS. 


If open stock crate cars are lost for the season because of loosing first night points and it's not a problem for Matt, then that's the way it is.  



edit:  Rush already has crate late racing at PPMS and reading their rules it appears Matt has funded them as needed for Late Model crate racing to be able to accept another class without much if any cost. 


If the open stock racing normally gets or is expected to get good car counts and this will prevent cars from running in their first points race  is something which I see can hurt Matts stock open class.   If it does hurt car count enough which I don't know if it will or won't, then it opens the door for crate stocks to replace the open stock class at PPMS.  I doubt RUSH would do anything to intentionally hurt an established class at any track or weaken any class of cars with the intent to replace.  


So far they've seemed to go after already rotting fruit.  I don't see them because of their ethics and their obvious love of racing to go after ripe and vibrant fruit.  I don't see them stinging as a pesky insect would, expecting to feed when the fruit rots and falls to the ground.  I have too much respect for them, no matter how I oppose inroads their business makes into our ability to be able to race; to think it.    


Most guys don't care about points anymore.

#435456 Lernerville to anchor RUSH Sprint Cars in 2018; 10 events including monthly...

Posted by Chrome Horn on 28 November 2017 - 11:34 AM

Why are you even bitching about a show you will never actually attend?

bc he has a hard on for crates as his long list of idiotic posts will attest